8 Hindi songs you must have in your travel playlist


Music plays a very critical role in shaping our memories from the time we are born, remember the lullabies used to calm babies down and induce sleep? We have a playlist for every situation, trust me for parties, for heartbreaks, for gym and of course for travel. If you are a traveller but have no playlist to celebrate your journey then you are no traveler at all!

I know we all love to listen to some country, some reggae, some pop, some classic rock, so on and so forth on our road trips but how can you forget the times when you had to board some rickety bus to reach a far flung destination in the country, that didn't play such fancy music, what were those songs again? Yeah Bollywood or some regional songs and we enjoyed them equally, didn't we? Here's a list of best Hindi songs that you must have in your ipod or pen drive or phone for your next road-trip planned.

1. Pathakha Guddi, Highway

Sufi at its best, the Nooran sisters have created magic in this one. You can't deny the energy this song delivers. Now imagine this, a long stretch of a smooth highway, with the most picturesque view of yellow mustard fields or green paddy fields on both sides and your car at a speed of 100km/hr and the rhythm of this song resonates as a background on the speakers, isn't it just a "Straight out of the Movie" kind of an experience? Oh yes it is!

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2. Ilahi, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

You can't deny we all wish we had a job like Bunny in this movie, I do too and every time this song, which is one of the best hindi songs plays anywhere I get teleported to some other world, bit by wanderlust, never wanting to settle for the real crappy world. The rhythm, the music and the earthiness of Mohit Chauhan's enigmatic voice does magic, sheer magic!

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3. Phir Se Ud Chala, Rockstar

Again a classic by the legend A.R. Rehman, this is the best hindi song to answer the wanderlust in you. The song takes you on a ride with each of its highs and lows just like a roller coaster and the lyrics describes the very state of being free as a bird exactly the same emotion I feel when I am traversing through unknown roads heading towards unknown destinations.

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4. Khwaabon ke Parindey, Zindagi na Milegi Dobara

YOLO, and therefore Jee lo, the soul of this movie. Don't we all wish to have such a lavish vacation too with our buddies exclusively? This movie gave a whole new definition to travelling and exploring and so did its songs. This song is so beautiful that it inspires us to see and observe all things beautiful around us and feel the life within us, that gets lost in all the superficial goals that we have, that society imposes on us, and what better time to introspect than travelling?

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5. Ahista Ahista, Bachna Ae Haseeno

Yes this is an all candy floss, teenage high school romance kind of song, but just remember the visuals of this song, that little cute yellow scooter and the roads through European moors. It makes me wanna take that scooter out of the parking and head away to unknown roads on a rainy evening just to enjoy the feel of fresh air on my face.

6. Aao Milo Chalo, Jab We Met

The perfect song to listen to when you are on a road-trip with your loved one by your side. Your companion for life, the comfort of your car, the scenic views, the wind and a journey to a beautiful destination and this song, life's best things all brought together.

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7. Yeh Dooriyan, Love Aajkal

Yeah I am biased, I just love this song, no questions asked. As claimed by the maker of this movie, this song depicts "the distance" as the subject and the music is definitely going to give you an Earworm, no not an insect, but the stuck song syndrome. The music of this song kinda keeps playing back to back in the head and trust me I feel no less than a heroine of my own movie when the wind brushes past my face and this song playing in the background. Cut!

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8. Tanha Dil, Shaan

Shaan at his one of the bests renditions and his utterly butterly voice which leaves a beautiful after effect every time you listen to it. This song is beautiful in terms of its lyrics, its meaning and the music and combined with travel it becomes simply perfect

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Music makes journeys memorable and also an unimaginable power to make difficult travelling conditions more soothing, trust me. I enjoy all these songs on my travel however, this is not an exhaustive list. I am sure you will have numerous additions to this which I may have missed. Leave me a comment and I am surely gonna listen to them as well. Until then just turn up the volume a little more and go vagabonding!

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