Trip To Feel Natural Serenity

30th Sep 2017

Calm Valley of Doon

Photo of Trip To Feel Natural Serenity by sourabh suman
Day 1

After breathing the air loaded with pollutants and dusts I was desperately waiting to visit to mountains! As I love to breathe in the lap of mountains. And here I got the opportunity to visit to doon valley.We planned to leave early morning i.e 2:30 Am for Dehradun as the trains were already loaded with individuals like me who want to escape from the noise of city.So we have to take bus for Dehradun. Actually we are a group of 6 travelers. We reached Dehradun same day but got delayed due to traffic congestion.

Day 2

Next morning we were feeling very fresh and in the mood to roam to mountains. So we started our trip early from Dehradun and directly planned to depart towards dhanaulti. Dhanaulti is almost 64km from Dehradun , hardly 2 hour journey.The roads were ultimate and well maintained by government.The air was clean and refreshing.As we were ascending the hill the view was becoming more panoramic.The way to dhanaulti was much more exciting, driving on these roads was not easy.The Eco-park was one of the best attraction and must go places in dhanaulti. This park was not just park it was a natural park. There were lots of places to explore inside the park and every place was untouched and new for us.

The scene was mesmerizing and soothing to soul.The clouds were wandering there and one can breathe the clouds there.This place is unique and one can spend many hours here.The unique thing about this place is the clouds rushes upwards from down.

If you visit this place you must spend some time there.Those moments will be remembered by you forever.We spent almost 4 hours there in the Eco park and that was ultimate.After that we moved 7Km ahead from Eco park towards chumba valley. The surroundings were so silent and calm that you can feel your heartbeat here.After having some snacks on rooftop restaurants we completed the day 2 in lap of nature.

Photo of Dhanolti, Uttarakhand, India by sourabh suman
Photo of Eco Park, Dhanolti, Uttarakhand, India by sourabh suman
Day 3

On day 2 we had planned to visit mussoorie particularly the Kempty fall.We left the hotel early morning and started our journey towards Kempty fall which is almost 40Km from Dehradun. After having some breakfast at the road side outlets we further resumed our journey to Kempty fall.On the way to Kempty the natural beauty was awesome and mindblowing.

Photo of Kempty Falls, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India by sourabh suman

The Kempty falls was ultimate and the temperature of water was chilling. Despite of chilling water we decided to take a dip into splashing water of kempty falls.If someone visits Kempty falls he must take a dip in the water.There are various outlets present there who provide changing rooms , clothes and towels on rent.After shower it was refreshing and it was awesome experience in life.

Photo of Kempty Falls, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India by sourabh suman

After spending sometime there we had lunch.This place was very cool and good place to relax.The quality of food in mountains was awesome, every-time wherever we had food that was awesome.

Photo of Kempty Falls, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India by sourabh suman

By the evening the trip ends and we had started again for Delhi. Overall the trip was awesome , soothing, captivating and relaxing.One should must try visiting these places.

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We also tried to peep into the K Dev Bhoomi Wax Museum which was in company garden .The museum contains some status but the standard of museum was not as per the ticket cost .The best statue inside was of Mahatma Gandhi Ji.

Photo of Trip To Feel Natural Serenity by sourabh suman