Ho Chin Minh City, Vietnam - (Part 1)

Vietnam is a country full of life and excitement. Every corner of the country holds something beautiful for you. We commenced our journey in the pursuit of the amazing culture, food, and lifestyle. In our 15 days in Vietnam, we explored all the major destinations of the country. We explored it’s very much alive cities, its mesmerizing beaches, its historical place, and its limestone mountains and bay.
We planned to explore the south of the country first so our first part of the journey was its old capital Ho Chin Minh city. The city has heart-warming people. They helped us explore the old and the new areas of the city. We met the Adidas-Runners team of Saigon and also had a refreshing run in the morning.
We explored its markets, its post house, its churches, its sky-touching buildings, and the disco nightlife. We enjoyed every second of our travel to the city. The food in the city is very delicious and dreamy.