Northern Isles Trip

From blog post in June 2014: I headed out to Lerwick (capital of Shetland) on May 31st...

4 Days
Windswept and wild, The Isles of Orkney

Orkney has been and will always remain one of my favourite places. It was the first Scottish Isla...

UK's Famous 5: Rosslyn Chapel, Holy Rood & Holy Trinity Church, St Magnus Cathedral, Bath Abbey

Daffodils in bloom on Rosslyn Chapel groundsDuring my travels in the UK over nearly a year, many ...

Shalini Rai
21 Days
How I travelled solo around Scotland over 21 days for less than £50 per day

Can you travel through mysterious Scotland over 21 days, climb the mighty Ben Nevis, say I've bee...

Shalini Rai
15 Days
When Nature painted Scotland

Scotland, as nature painted it is green grass as far as your can eyes see, a Loch nearby and blue...

anumeha gupta

fusion nightclub
10/12 Ayre Road, Kirkwall KW15 1QX
The Orkney Museum
Broad Street, Orkney, Kirkwall KW15 1DH
The Pickaquoy Centre
Muddisdale Road, Muddisdale Road, Kirkwall KW15 1LR

A sparkling composition in granite. This port-city stands proudly, looking out across the North Sea.
Deep in the Scottish Highlands, along a cold mountain stream lies a beautiful little town. A town surrounded by misty mountains, where an imposing castle stands tall overlooking houses that look like tiny matchboxes stacked to perfection. A town where people work during the day and spend the evenings angling in the Ness river which flows right through it. A town consisting of beautiful little cafes, hauntingly pretty alleys and a lush green forested area. Yes I am taking about the jewel in the crown of the Scottish Highlands – InvernessLocated in the far north of the United Kingdom, this place is one where the term “Heaven on Earth” might just stand true and I feel blessed that I have been able to spend a couple of days in this “paradise”In the paragraphs below I will attempt to describe this beauty as much as I can and although what the eyes saw might be tough to replicate in words, I will let my pictures do the talking.
St Andrews
This quiet sea-side town near Edinburg in Scotland is perfect for the couple who cannot decide between the mountains and beach. St. Andrews offers the best beaches and the most picturesque mountains. As you explore the town's numerous castles and immerse in the Scottish culture, you are sure to feel like a countryside couple right our of a Victorian novel.Where To Stay:
Donc là tu débarques dans LE coin touristique d'écosse... on galère à trouver un hôtel.. et on se rabat sur un B&B juste en face du port. Comme on est crevé et qu'il va bientôt faire nuit on se ballade on visite puis tournée des pubs La réveil à l'aube et on est partie, visite de la l'usine Talisker, on s'fait un tit château au passage et 2 - 3h de randonnée dans les montagnes. Et le soir on va profiter du couché de soleil sur le point de vue Kilt Rock. Super beau :) Bon puis après pub!! hein!! faut pas déconner :p

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