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For a city boy, accustomed to the square, matchbox like architecture of apartments and flats in the cities, Shillong was a treat. With slanting roofs and large windows, the structures here were more akin to the likeness of houses we drew as children, rather than the ones we now lived in, so no wonder that I was taking in Shillong with an almost childlike glee, as we walked around Shillong looking for accommodation– umbrella in hand and a smile on my face. Shillong has lots of places to visit, and surprise, surprise a lot of them have to do with water! Barapani is one such destination, but we had already covered that. Before we headed out to more water, on our first full day in Shillong, we headed to the Shillong Peak after a leisurely morning. We stuck around on the peak well past sunset, to see the town lit up. We couldn’t take any pictures, as having heard that the peak was also an Air Force Radar Centre, there were certain restrictions on photography, so we left the camera altogether, fearing a confiscation. But that didn’t really matter, none of us are really such snap-happy creatures, and the place was lovely!

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