Lepchajagat : a small hamlet in clouds

11th Feb 2018

This is about a very small trip to very small place called Lepchajagat, it is a small village of Lepchas. It had been in my wish-list since a very long time and finally I could make a small trip to this place. It is located in the road which goes from Darjeeling to Mirik.

Photo of Lepchajagat : a small hamlet in clouds 1/1 by anila

Morning we left from Siliguri, we took a shared vehicle which was going to Darjeeling. I had already done my homework before going there so was aware that there are very few hotels which have to booked before hand.

I got the contact number of Mr. Buddha Tamang @08944043629 , he is one resource person of this area and helped us to every aspect. He'd arrange for accommodation, pick up from Ghoom, day trip and trek and return as well.

Day 1
Photo of Ghoom Railway Station, Ghoom, West Bengal, India by anila

So we got down at Ghoom and Mr. Tamgna sent a car to pick us and in half an hour we reached Lepchajagat and the driver dropped us at the home-stay. Most of the houses have the home-stay where one side it's the residence and top floor rooms are converted into hotel are with attached toilet. It was Kanchan Kanya Home-stay.

that basic yet cozy place

Photo of Lepchajagat Village Homestay, Lepcha Jagat, West Bengal, India by anila

Very basic yet very convenient. It was cold in the month of February, the rooms had no television and is a perfect place to take a break from the busy life.

all that you need to keep yourself warm

Photo of Lepchajagat : a small hamlet in clouds by anila
Photo of Lepchajagat : a small hamlet in clouds by anila

The place is even smaller than I expected just few houses in a cluster and very few vehicles (public transport) passing by. We checked it, covered ourselves with warm clothes and went down for a walk. We walked on the road and I could feel the peaceful environment, no vehicles, no honking, no loud music, it was so calm.

We walked for 100 meters and realized there were no more houses and on both the sides of the roads were huge pine trees. That was sweet, a little hamlet of calmness. We kept walking enjoying that peace in and out.

The village ends here

Photo of Lepcha Jagat, West Bengal, India by anila

It was getting dark now and we moved back to the hotel and as suggested by the hotel owner we went on the terrace. We couldn't see the stars because of the clouds but what we could see was even more mesmerizing. We could see the clustered lights of the Darjeeling city and it was down the hill and then we realized that we are even at a higher altitude that Darjeeling. That sight was unexpected and couldn't be captured in the camera.


Photo of Lepchajagat : a small hamlet in clouds by anila

It was getting colder and the hotel owner gave us the room heater without which I would not have been able to sleep. I must mention the food they serve is awesomely delicious and very homely. It was warm and very authentic.

Day 2
Photo of Lepcha Jagat, West Bengal, India by anila

Next morning we had planned to go for a trail to see the Mt. Kanchanjunga. We woke up early and and with one of the locals sent by the owner we went for the trail, it was a small one and soon we reached the tops of that mountain where there were few benches, a swing and a fire place to enjoy the sight.

a little glimpse of Mt Kanchanjanga

Photo of Lepcha Jagat, West Bengal, India by anila

The interesting part was we went through the village and people there were very welcoming and greeted us with smile.

Photo of Lepchajagat : a small hamlet in clouds by anila

Initially we couldn't see anything clearly but as the sun went up we could see the Mt. Kanchejunga as if floating in the sky. Only the peaks were visible and not the whole mountain, anyways it was beautiful though. Sat there for some and then went back to the hotel through the forests by then our breakfast was ready.

morning breakfast

Photo of Lepchajagat : a small hamlet in clouds by anila

We didn't had much idea about the places to go around so the Mr. B. Tamagna arranged that for us as well. So soon after breakfast the car was at the hotel to pick us up. Unknown of the place where we were going we sat and enjoyed the roads and forests. We headed towards Sandakfu and moving on the road on the mountains curve the driver took to a roads a little quaint and soon we reached a monastery gate.

a place unknown and untouched

Photo of Lepchajagat : a small hamlet in clouds by anila

As we drove crossing the stupa the driver stopped at the unmarked parking and when we got down the car what we saw was unexpected, mountains full of forests, clouds floating far, and the steep valley down in just few meters whereas on the other side was this monastery all colorful and bright with a little fountain and stream and the flowers blooming.

Photo of Lepchajagat : a small hamlet in clouds by anila

It was the Chitra Monastery (as told by the driver). We went around and felt the cold breeze kissing us and the tranquil blue sky above us. It is one of the unexplored and unheard places.

Photo of Lepchajagat : a small hamlet in clouds by anila

Then it was time to move to the next destination, now the driver took us to the India- Nepal border where you need to walk down the street to reach to this local market called the Pashupati market. We just took a walk and came back as we weren't keen enough to buy and we also didn't find anything worth getting from there. While returning we stopped by a local market and got few nice stuffs from there.

at India Nepal border road

Photo of Lepchajagat : a small hamlet in clouds by anila

By dawn we reached Lepchajagat and I must mention that the entire day journey through the mountains and forests as one good experience as I found it had the least traffic. Back to hotel and back in bed as it was too cold.

Next morning we had to leave this small hamlet and move back to the hustle of the city, so after breakfast we took the cab back to Siliguri.

It was just a 2 days affair with the peace and serenity of the mountains. I'm a wanderer and of all I was looking was for the calmness around and originality of people, the simplicity of life and serenity of the nature, far from all the noise all I could hear was the wind and the clouds, the sunshine and the empty roads.