Best Theme Parks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Photo of Best Theme Parks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi by Pratik Goel

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are emerging theme park destinations, giving Orlando a tough competition with variety of parks coming up in past 5 years. For those of you who don’t know what theme parks are, these are basically huge entertainment parks with roller coasters, story based rides and has beautiful landscaping all around. The Most popular theme park in the world is Walt Disney World and other Disney Parks.

1. Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World is the best park in the region so park and is widely popular due to Fastest RollerCoaster in the World “Formula Rossa” which can go up to speed of 300km/hr. The park also has other roller coasters and rides based on Italy and Ferrari as a Brand. I somehow liked Flying Aces roller coaster more than Formula Rossa. It also has Yas Water World, a thrilling waterpark next door. And the combined ticket could be purchased which is great value for money, and then both parks could be covered easily in one day. I would suggest to start with Ferrari World and End up in Yas Water World in afternoon.

Ticket Price : 315 AED for Ferrari World and Yas Water World combined

2. Motion Gate, Dubai

Motion Gate is based on Hollywood Movies and has lands such as Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, DreamWorks, Lions Gate and Columbia Pictures. Most of the rides are based on Movies such as Shrek, Smurfs, Ghostbusters and list goes on. For me the highlight was Madagascar Roller Coaster and Kung Fu Panda Ride.

Ticket Price : 275 AED for Motion Gate and Bollywood combined

3. Bollywood Theme Park, Dubai Parks and Resorts

For the first time there is a park dedicated to Bollywood movies, that has come up and rightfully in Dubai as 80% of residents in Dubai are From Indian Subcontinent. The park has rides based on Bollywood Characters such Gabbar, Ra.One, Krissh and also has variety of Dance & stunt shows to keep you entertained. My Favorite ride was The Flight of Krissh.

Ticket Price : 275 AED for Motion Gate and Bollywood combined

4. Warner Bros Park, Abu Dhabi

The park opened recently in June 2018 with a 1 Billion Dollar investment with lands based on Flintstones, Looney Toones and DC Comics. The park was also listed as best theme park by many credit worthy sites. The popular rides are Justice League and Batman Knight.

Ticket Price : 295 AED. Combined Ticket with Ferrari World is 400 AED.

5. IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai

The biggest indoor theme park in the world also has variety of rides to offer such as Power Puff girls, Hulk, Spiderman and lot others. The park also has a huge roller coaster called Velicoraptor.

Ticket Price : 260 AED

I would recommend you to visit these theme parks with your Friends and Family. Also, use the Entertainer App to buy 1+1 tickets in all of these parks to save your hard earned money.