Agumbe Tourism and Travel Guide

Rich in scenic beauty and biodiversity, this peaceful little village is often called the Cherrapunji of the South, receiving almost as much rainfall as the real Cherrapunji of the North East region. Located in Shimoga, Karnataka, its rainforests are its trademark beauty and are home to several medicinal plants, mighty cobras and charming waterfalls, such as Jogigundi Falls, Barkana Falls, Koodlu Theertha Falls and Onake Abbi Falls. For a view of the stunning panorama of the sunset with the backdrop of the surrounding countryside and the Arabian Sea, Sunset Point is a must visit. For a beautiful walk down memory lane, visit the oldest and the most popular house in Agumbe, Dodda Mane, which was where the famous childhood television series, 'Malgudi Days', was shot. One can also enjoy delicious home cooked meals here and interact with the caretakers of this childhood treasure. Another place to visit is the ancient Gopala Krishna temple, which dates back to the reign of Hoysala Empire (10th-14th century). A visit to Agumbe Rainforest Research Station can prove to be highly educational for its world-class pioneering ecological studies, especially of the King Cobra, which are being put into practice for King Cobra management. Places to eat in Agumbe are limited, although apart from Dodda Mane, food can also be enjoyed near the Sunset Point at the Padiyar Restaurant. One can also enjoy delicious vanilla-flavoured tea at any of the tea stalls around this picturesque village.
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