Row through the Lakes of Alapuzha

26th Dec 2016

It was my parent's wedding anniversary, me and my sis thought we would give them a different anniversary day.. Yes we chose the house boat and of course the one and only Alapuzha. Let me call it the godess of lakes and beaches, Alapuzha is complete with salt water around it. It is indeed a lifetime experience to travel with your friends and family in boat for 2 d n 1 n. The fish curry cooked by the greatest cooks of Alapuzha who earn just 5k every month. The nights are so cold, but beware of mosquitoes, the fresh whitish Toddy, wooden boats, flimsy huts on the shore.. It's all mind boggling.. :) finally my parents are happy

Took car from Kochi to Alapuzha, boating @ 16k returned in car. Simple. Try it once, it's worth

busiest lake

Photo of Alapuzha lakes by Anagha

homely boats

Photo of Alapuzha lakes by Anagha