SARISKA...a short adventurous trip

18th Aug 2017

Hey guys...This is your friend searching for a space in this big world. I am here to tell you something interesting, may be it could be your next destination :)

We,the human being have a tendency to go here and there on weekend especially those guys who stay outside their home because they have the best chance to explore the nature of the amazing world. when I was planning to stay out of the home, I was wondering how people go anywhere, What is the reason, why people spend so much money on traveling. But when I started traveling, I actually got the answer of WHY!!!

Nowadays people love to travel with their close friends, colleagues or solo, I am not saying that people don't love to go with their family but you know we feel more freedom, more space when our friends with us...isn't it?

I have started my traveling when I moved to Delhi alone for my Job. My first trip was Sariska National Park-Tiger Reserve, it is in Alwar Rajasthan. From Delhi to Sariska it will take time to reach near about 5 hrs by car.

Photo of SARISKA...a short adventurous trip by priya sarkar

I was very much excited to go there with my office colleagues for the first time without my family. we have rented a tempo traveler from the site MakeMyTrip. we were 10/15 people, so we got the tempo within a reasonable price. We decided to start our journey after office so we can enjoy the beautiful view of the night. We have reached the destination at 2.30 am, now let me explain the whole journey that makes you more excited.

I think I don't have to say much as you can imagine when you are traveling with 10 to 15 people and the best part is they all are fun loving guys who make the journey more exciting. W took snacks and cold drinks and lots of foodstuffs and started our journey almost 8 pm. I always prefer a window seat so that I can see everything outside the window and try to keep everything in my little mind. Generally, from South Delhi to Guru gram, people face huge traffic every day, we were also stuck with traffic a little bit. As I was the new one in Delhi, so my mates started treating me as a tourist and they feel themselves as a guide but I enjoyed their company like the way they treated me.

We took a halt at near about 11 pm, everyone felt hungry, so we decided to have some food and then will start the rest of the journey. In NH 8 Jaipur Highway, there is a famous "Old Rao Hotel" which is open for 24 hrs and also famous for the best roadside restaurant. People who stay in Delhi, definitely come and try their food easily reach within 1 n half hr but it is totally a vegetarian restaurant.

After dinner, we took a group photo beside the highway because we wanted to capture all the beautiful moments. We all started again with a full of tummy...ha-ha, we made the journey more interesting by singing a random Hindi or English songs all together very loudly so outside the car, people can also join us...

Now the most interesting part is here when we noticed outside. Thousands of stars were there in the sky and the color of the sky was Umm... I don't know the color actually I cannot explain it, it was just mesmerizing, it was like sprinkling pearls over the head and both side of the road there are numbers of hills guided us from the darkness. We also booked a hotel for the night stay, but when we were about to reach, some outsider guards told us that we do not enter the jungle at the time of 1.30 am. I was scared by thinking of some old memory if the wild elephant comes, they can destroy our car within a second but thankfully that was in my mind only, and finally, the guards allowed us to go. At 2.30 am we reached our destination. Our hotel was in the middle of the jungle just like a horror movie, the large gate opened by a watchman with a horror sound, a big white house with a huge area. We were so much tired we just went to our rooms and took some rest because next morning 7 am we had to go for Jungle Safari.


Photo of SARISKA...a short adventurous trip by priya sarkar

Jungle Safari was the most exciting part of the trip. We have rented 3 open jeeps, as the roof was open, we started a panic if the tiger will come who will become the food of tigers...sounds funny but scary too.

we started our jungle safari, we covered the maximum of the jungle but the sad part is we could not see a tiger, but apart from the tiger we have seen many peacocks, deer, monkeys some old temples. You guys must be thinking if we are going to see a tiger but unable to watch, it's meaningless to go there. But friends I must tell you, watching a tiger is just a part, there is a different experience to enjoy nature, to enjoy the company of some good people. When you happy, everything makes you happy. I enjoyed a lot on this trip, I took so many pictures because I wanted to keep it a lifetime memory.

Before coming back to home, we have covered some nearby places.

Photo of SARISKA...a short adventurous trip by priya sarkar
Photo of SARISKA...a short adventurous trip by priya sarkar

Guys I really want if you have two to three days, you must go to this adventurous place to enjoy your weekend.

Thank You for reading :)