One of the most welcoming country- Jordan

13th Dec 2019
Photo of One of the most welcoming country- Jordan by chaitrali

What comes on your mind when you think of Jordan? No safety or security and a lot of instability? Well, it is exactly the opposite. Let me take you on a virtual short trip to Jordan.

This country has a lot to offer: the famous UNESCO site of Petra, dead sea- the lowest point on earth, desert camping and star gazing experience in the deserts of Wadi Rum, the ancient ruins of Umm Qais, Ajloun and Jerash to the coast of Aqaba for some adventure water sports.

Last December we wanted to visit something exciting and unique. So, we decided to explore the royal countries in the middle east: Jordan and Dubai. Jordan has a visa on arrival only for tourists with a valid US visa so after a lot of hurdles we finally landed in Amman. The airport staff of this royal country welcomes you with friendly greetings. As soon as we got out of the airport it was chilling cold, as it is the winter season from December to February in Jordan.

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City of Amman

Amman has a nice balance between cultural and traditional aspects of the region with a modern atmosphere. Tourists come here to visit the ancient ruins of the Amman citadel, the Roman temple. Evenings can be spent at the rainbow street. The street is a hub for cafes, souvenir shops and famous restaurants serving Jordanian food such as Hummus and Falafal, Shawarma wraps. The Hashem and Habibah for a sweet delicacy known as Knafeh are a must try. Amman gives you the feel of the arabic culture but with a modern city outlook.

Falafel &Humus at Hashem

Photo of Amman, Jordan by chaitrali

Knafeh- A Cheese delicacy

Photo of Amman, Jordan by chaitrali

Next day we took a day trip to one of the best-preserved Roman ruins at Jerash. There is a mix of temples, ruined buildings, Amphitheatre, rows of columns to explore a huge area. Later we visited Umm Qais which is around 45 minutes away. The view of Golan heights, sea of Galilee is truly something to behold, which pictures cannot do any justice to. The site is striking because of its Roman ruins with an abandoned Ottoman village as well as the view of 3 countries Syria, Isreal and Jordan also known as Golan heights.

Golan Heights

Photo of Jerash, Jordan by chaitrali

Kings Highway the most scenic yet windy way took us from Amman to Dead Sea. We were really excited about the next stop which was the dead sea and the spa treatments. It is preferable to stay at the hotel so that you get to enjoy the dead sea with all the amenities. But before that we took a diversion along the way which takes you to the Ma'in Hot Springs where you can take a dip and enjoy the natural hot waterfall. The lowest point on earth, it is truly a unique experience to float in the dead sea. It has almost 30% salinity the water is so dense that’s what allows you to float effortlessly. You can find the best spa treatments ever using the dead sea mud which has a medicinal value.

Dead Sea - Mud Therapy

King's Highway

Photo of Dead Sea, Jordan by chaitrali

The city of Petra is a wonderland of ancient civilizations. It is one the 7 wonders of the world as well as a World Heritage site hence it attracts thousands of tourists every year. Located between the desert canyons and mountains, it is also known as ‘The Lost City’. The entrance to the site is along the Siq: a-mile-long gorge carved in orange and pink stone. At the end of the treasury lies the most famous of Petra temple. The tombs and temples craved into the pink stand stones remind you of the Indiana Jones movie. It is mesmerizing to visit Petra by the night which is lit by candles.

Photo of Petra, Jordan by chaitrali

The Petra bubble hotel was the best ever hotel to get you an experience of staying in a bubble with a private jacuzzi overlooking the city of Petra. Petra is located near a town called Wadi Musa where you can find all the restaurants and accommodation.

From Petra we headed south to the desert landscape of Wadi rum UNESCO World Heritage site. This desert is unique in itself, to explore this desert you need to hire a 4*4 car. In order to discover the famous landmarks such as Jabel Burdeh Rock, Rock Bridge, Mushroom Rock you can also take a camel ride in the desert. You can’t afford to miss the beautiful sunset if you want to capture some good photos. Afterwards we headed back to one of the Bedouin Camo to spend the night in the tents and enjoy their traditional dinner spread with BBQ. From these camps you can get a real feel with some of the most star filled night skies you could never find elsewhere.

This was the end of the journey as we headed back to Amman from Wadi rum which was approximately 4 hours’ drive. We take back all the memories, a lifetime bond with our guide, learnt a lot about the Bedouin and Arabic culture and explored new cuisines. No matter how long you stay, you will want to stay a bit more as this country has a lot to offer.

Accommodation we stayed at-

Photo of One of the most welcoming country- Jordan by chaitrali

Amman - The Cabin hostel and The Nomads Hotel

They are centrally located so it easier to walk down to the rainbow streets where all cafes, shopping, restaurants are located. They are budget accommodations, with shared as well as private room options.

Holiday Inn-Dead Sea

Photo of One of the most welcoming country- Jordan by chaitrali

Dead sea- Holiday Inn -Dead sea

The property is facing the dead sea, with good service and rooms with decent view. There is no extra charge to enter dead sea or for towels and bath mud for in-house guests.

Tip- from Amman you can also take a day trip and experience dead sea at 20-40 JD per person (includes towel, lunch ,mud therapy ) depending on the hotel you choose.

recommended hotels Oh Beach Dead Sea and Kempinski dead sea.

Petra Bubble

Photo of One of the most welcoming country- Jordan by chaitrali

Petra- Bubble Luxotel Petra

We would highly recommend this hotel for a bubble hotel experience overlooking the little petra and enjoy a Jacuzzi under the stars.


This property is away from the petra entry so its difficult if you wish to see petra at night. If you want to get this experience you can book a bubble hotel in wadi rum.

Book a hotel near to the petra visitor center so that you save on expenses as well as travel

Hotel option- Movenpick Resort petra, Nomads Hotel Petra (budget)

Photo of One of the most welcoming country- Jordan by chaitrali

Wadi Rum - Rahayeb Desert Camp

The rooms are descent and comfortable where you have an option of private rooms or rooms with shared bathrooms. You can get a feel of the bedouin tradition with a buffet dinner, hukka under the sky , star gazing, jeep safaris and camel rides are also arranged by them.

Travelling around in Jordan

There are lot of options to choose from depending on the budget. Public transport is highly accessible and easy to use

Jordan pass- check for cheaper and better experience.

Buses - It's a cheaper and easier way to travel in and around Amman. Abdali bus station is a central station from where you can catch buses to Petra, Aqaba, Umm Qais,

For dead sea Muhajireen bus station from there you can take a mini bus, there are no direct services.

Private Taxis - It is a comfortable option if you looking for private tour, these taxis are owned privately but they take you around but this option involves its own risks. they are cheaper than the regular taxis if you bargain.

Must Visit Restaurants

Hashims Restaurant- hummus and falafel

vu cafe- rooftop and a good hukka place

Jabri Restaurant- famous for Mansaf and Baklava

Shawarma 3 al Saj- The best ever shawarma joint