Aerial Bay Jetty

14th Dec 2019

"It doesn't matter how the places are. They are not only places, they are emotions, feels of an individual, they helps like training my mind and controlling my thoughts. Everyone can optimize these places as per their needs". AND MY NEED IS TRAVEL..!

I optimized Aerial Bay Jetty - A small sea port of the Diglipur, North Andaman Islands. Aerial Bay is the major boarding points for all the inter island ferries coming in to Diglipur from Port Blair, Havelock Island & Neil Island. This is the same point from where you can take a motor boat to Ross & Smith Islands followed by harbor. One can find the coast guards and local police boats for patrolling the coastal area of Aerial Bay Jetty. You can see many Eco huts laid across the beach which is also used as passenger waiting huts for the travelers waiting to board a ferry or motor boat from here. If you already booked your trip for Ross and Smith islands then you can the take the speed boat or ferry so early. Instead, if you are going there as a backpacker then you may wait for 5-8 peoples to formation a group or you can take 5 seater speed boat or ferry on 5-6K if you are in hurry. Ferry hardly takes 15-20 minutes to reach Ross & Smith Islands. It leaves you there for 3 hours only. If anyone one wants to stay more INR. 1500-3000K approx will be chargeable extra. At shore of Ross & Smith Islands, sailor usually asked you to watch Sea turtle by paying him 100 rupees more. After completion of 3 hours you have to take the same boat to go back Aerial Bay Jetty.

This is the point from where you can drive to Kalipur beach, Lamiya Bay, Saddle Peak point and Saddle National Park.

Photo of Aerial Bay Jetty 1/1 by wannanomadic