Famous Beaches to be Visited in Andaman

Photo of Famous Beaches to be Visited in Andaman 1/2 by Kavita Jayara
Radhanagar Beach

The sultry Andaman islands hailed for its sun kissed palm lined, silvery sand beaches and mangroves is known for offering blissful holidays in the sylvan island. Bestowing infinite possibilities of water expedition, Andaman offers a peek-a-boo into the empyrean coral reefs supporting exotic marine life that can’t be found elsewhere. Sit under the shade of the palm trees and satiate your eyes on the jade blue waves surfing on the sea or just relax while sipping a refreshing coconut drink. If you are already allured by the island’s beauty then quickly run your eyes on the 10 famous beaches to visit in Andaman.

1. Radhanagar Beach- Conferred with the title of ‘Asia’s Best Beach’ in 2004 by the iconic TIME magazine, Radhanagar nestled on the western coast of Havelock island is known for its crimson sunset view, pristine islands and the emerald blue-green waters. The perk of visiting Radhanagar Beach is that you can engage in an adrenaline pumping snorkelling and scuba diving session.

2. Ross & Smith Island Beach- The charming twin brother islands of Ross & Smith are famous for their dewy beaches which brims with life as the sunbeams hit the shore. Intertwined by a dazzling white sand bar, the Ross & Smith islands are the best place in Andaman for swimming and snorkelling experience. This serene twin island can be approached by taking a 25 minute comforting boat ride to Diglipur.

3. Lakshmanpur Beach- Revealing its crusty white beach located about 2 km from Neil Island, the Lakshmanpur beach is celebrated for its garish corals, soothing sunset and soul stirring snorkelling experience. The beach promises romantic walks along its glaring shoreline. You can hear the birds sing a tune of love as you walk hand in hand with your soul mate on this picturesque beach.

4. Vijaynagar Beach- Idyllically situated about 38 km from Port Blair, Vijaynagar Beach is a place to devour the foaming white waves as you dive into the sea of elixir. This tranquil beach proffers solitude in the naked natural surroundings so you can feel solace and company of the profound sea life at the same time.

5. Raman Bageecha Beach- The star studded shallow waters of the Raman Bageecha beach will compel you to bask in the glory of this resplendent peachy paradise. Lie on a hammock with a drink in hand or gaze at the cerulean sky painting vivid dreams in the cottony clouds. Mind it even sulking here feels amazing such is the aura of this beach.

6. Elephant Beach- A snugly isolated beach blessed with the cornucopia of coral reefs thriving underwater, the Elephant beach set in a picturesque location can be accessed by a boat or trek. This coveted beach is a pit stop for the snorkelers. You can approach this beach by taking a boat ride from Havelock Island or by a swift half an hour trek from Port Blair.

Photo of Famous Beaches to be Visited in Andaman 2/2 by Kavita Jayara
Wandoor Beach

7. Wandoor Beach- Snuggled in Port Blair, the Wandoor beach sprawling over a vast area is one of the famous beaches in Andaman. Positioned at 25 km away from Port Blair, the beach features colossal caves naturally formed by the continuous high tidal waves.

8. Corbyn’s Cove Beach- Dotted by the thick forests, the Corbyn’s beach located about 8 km from the city centre is notable for its lush greenery that lures the crowd. The blue waves, purple sky and the lemony bright sun casts a mystic spell on the holiday makers who throng this beach.

9. Guitar Island Beach- Exhibiting the magnetic charm of the Mahua trees aligning the shore and the waves hugging the swimmers to ease the paraphilia, the Guitar Beach makes a pint size retreat. Have an aerial view of this beach and you’ll be amazed to see that the beach is really shaped like a guitar.

10. Lalaji Bay Beach- The solitary lying sandy, Lalaji Bay beach on the west coast Long island is a remote beach that can be reached by commencing a trek or by taking a boat ride from Rangat jetty. Ideal for swimming and snorkelling, the Lalaji Bay beach radiates tinge of aqua blue sea with alluring scenery of Mangrove creeks.

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