I Third-Wheeled with My BFF and Her Boyfriend on a Trip, and Here's Why You Should Too!


During college, taking trips with my best friend revealed a lot about her to me. We’ve returned from trips, not just with fond memories, but with a deeper understanding of each other. There’s no doubt that travelling with her has really helped evolve our friendship. However, a recent travel experience with her was something that took our friendship to a whole new level.

Recently, she came to me with an exciting prospect–she asked me if I wanted to take a trip to the Andamans. I squealed with happiness. I could already imagine the two of us clad in super cute bikinis, sipping on pina coladas by the beach on a secluded island. It seemed like the perfect way to begin the year. But before I could weave more dreams, I was told that her boyfriend would be tagging along too! This left me perplexed.

Third-wheeling in a romantic destination?

Now don’t get me wrong. Her boyfriend is a friend of mine too, and I really like him, but we haven't spent this much time before. More importantly, nothing seemed more horrid than third-wheeling to a romantic destination while I was single as heck myself. The last thing I wanted was to feel lonely and miserable on a trip. However, after a week of deliberation and convincing, I decided to swallow my qualms, and challenge myself. I couldn't miss out on a trip to the Andamans for such a silly reason.

So, I returned from what turned out to be one of the best trips I have ever taken. So here I am to offer some wisdom to all of you. Here are all the reasons why you need to take a trip with your BFF and their S/O.

1. It's a great opportunity to know the person your BFF is in love with

Third-wheeling might seem painful at first, but taking a trip with your BFF and their boyfriend/girlfriend is a great chance to get to know them. After all, travels reveal the truest side of a person. You'll get to know how they react in dire situations, what their tolerance level is and what their preferences are.

These aspects may seem insignificant in theory, but they give you a deep insight into their personality. By the end of the trip, you'll understand whether this person is good for your friend or not.

2. Travelling with the couple will give you an objective understanding of their relationship

Considering that you always hear only one side of the story, chances are that you view your best friend's relationship with a certain sense of bias. Since your BFF always turns to you for advice when things go downhill, it is great to be equipped with an objective understanding of their relationship. The next time they approach you with a problem, you won't advice them to break up instantly! You'll understand the situation with clarity and possibly help your friend view the situation from a new perspective.

3. You'll get to nurture this holy trinity

No matter how much you want your best friend's time and attention, there is no denying that the S/O will always be a part of their plans. Taking a trip with them is sure to nurture the bond among you three. This will ensure that you can plan outings together and spend time without any awkwardness. If you two get along, your BFF won't have to choose between you two every single weekend!

4. You'll see a new side to your best friend

It's always fascinating to see your friends carry out different roles in their life. You are sure to see a new side to them when they are with their S/O. You could be surprised to see how your super-cool friend turns into a ball of mush or how their indifferent attitude takes a backseat when their girlfriend / boyfriend is around. You'll explore new sides to them and have a deeper understanding of their personality and emotions.

5. The trip could help you open yourself up to love... or not

If you've shut yourself off from love, being around a couple might just remind you about the magic of companionship. If you've been recently heartbroken and are averse to the idea of falling in love, this trip might help change your mind. On the other hand, it could also reinstate the million perks of being single! So no matter the mind space you're in, third-wheeling on a trip is a win-win situation for you!

This is an experience that you just cannot miss! So tag your best friends and their girlfriends and boyfriends to plan the ultimate trip together!

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