Short trip to Kakinada, Yanam & Uppada

21st Dec 2018

For Xmas 2018, we planned to visit our cousins in Kakinada. Kakinada is a coastal town right by the sea. It was a 4 day trip, and my first to Kakinada. Ideally, had it not been to visit my cousins, this could easily have been a 2 day weekend trip. We left by train (Cocanada Express) from Hyderabad, and reached Kakinada in the morning. As stay was at our cousin's place, we did not incur stay cost. Having said that, there are plenty of good stay options in/ around Kakinada.

Day 1

Places to see, and things to do in/ around Kakinada (directions link):

There are lot of places worth seeing in and around Kakinada

Photo of Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India by Prashant

Kakinada is a port town - it is one of the smart cities in Andhra Pradesh. Visit the beaches (albeit the beaches have black sand and not the cleanest). Go to the recently built Beach Park for some attractions. Eat the Madatha Kaja and Gottam Kaja (must try), and try the unending veg thali at iconic Subbayya gari hotel (go to the original and oldest branch) while here.

Uppada village which is 30 kms from Kakinada is famous for it's silk sarees, and the drive to the village is beautiful. You can visit some of the handloom weavers, see how they weave the sarees and also buy directly from them instead of paying a higher showroom prices in the city.

Yanam, a small town, and surprisingly (to me), part of the Union Territory of Pondicherry - this is where river Godavari merges in to the Bay of Bengal close to the coast of Yanam.

Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary, 18 kms from Kakinada - famous for the largest mangrove in the country, and for the migratory birds that come here in winter.

Day 2

Day 1 & 2:

While we spent relaxing and catching up on Day 1, on Day 2, we went to Yanam, a small village. Godavari merges in to the sea close to the Yanam coast. There is a huge Shiva linga on the banks of Godavari, and the docking area next to it. We all went on a boat ride on the Govadari river to an island where finally the river merges in to the sea. We put on life jackets as the ride was bumpy. We had to carry water, snacks and lunch as this is a remote island with no people or amenities. This island is not even on the map, and has no phone signal.

After about 2 hours, and a 40 kms boat ride in to the sea, we reached a small unknown island. There was no one on the island except us. The boatman told us that here, the Godavari river met the Bay of Bengal sea. There was water everywhere! We played in the sand. Due to how isolated this place is, we came back to Yanam before dark, and returned home.

This unknown island is not even there on the map - pristine beaches, clear water, and not crowded at all!

Photo of Yanam, Puducherry, India by Prashant

Day 3:

We all went to Annavaram in the morning. It is 60 kms from Kakinada, and has a very famous temple on the hill dedicated to Sri Satyanarayana Swamy. This was a half-day trip and we came back to Kakinada by lunch time. We had meals at the iconic Subbayya Gari Hotel (which now has branches in Hyderabad too). It's a small location, but the friendly service, the tradition, the scale of cooking, the utensils they use, and overall hospitality left a lasting memory.

Day 3

In the early hours of the evening, we drove to Uppada and helped the ladies shop sarees. The road to Uppada village is right by the sea, and the drive is beautiful. One can see and hear the waves splashing against the rocks along the way. Several movies have shot some sequences along this coastal road.

Uppada is a short 30 mins drive from Kakinada

Photo of Uppada, Andhra Pradesh, India by Prashant

Day 4:

Day 4

The next day was Christmas. That was the last day we stayed in Kakinada. We spent time at home, exchanging some gifts and playing with one another. We bought Kakinada Kajas (famous sweets). We took the train that evening and reached home the day after Christmas. I did not want the vacation to end. It was a memorable trip. I just can’t wait for the next such trip!

Though I was looking forward to, we could not visit Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary as there was not enough momentum within the family. I will be back again some day and try to spot the fishing cat, and to click some of the migratory birds that come there.

Reference articles that helped us plan our trip (thanks to some of the Tripoto community members too):