"An amalgamation of many colors, cultures, and casinos; the autonomous region of Macau is a famed and prominent tourist destination in Asia. There are many interesting places and things to do in Macau that have been attracting lakhs of visitors from across the globe every year. The umpteen casinos, ancient temples, culturally rich museums, towering skyscrapers, and the ritzy shopping malls and arcades offer a complete package and can keep tourists across age groups and cultures engaged.

I have created a list of best sightseeing places in Macau :

1. Exploring The Ruins Of St. Pauls At Night

2. Visiting The Various Chinese Temples

3. Strolling Through Taipa Village

4. Watching The House Of Dancing Water

5. Visiting The Umpteen Museums

6. Admiring The View At The Hac Sa Beach

7.Stroll Through Senado Square

8. Visit The Famous Guia Hill

9. Explore The Monuments

10. Casino Hopping

11. Sampling The Local Cuisine

12. Spending A Night At The Venetian

13. Adventure Sports At Macau Tower

14. Spending An Evening At Casa Do Mandarim

15. Fun Day At An Ecological Park

16. Go For A Poto Walk At Night

17. Take a Selfie at the Ruins of St Paul’s

18. Explore Taipa Village

19. Visit Studio City

20. Go to Grand Resort Deck

At last, these things can only happen if I actually get a chance to visit Macau. ????