Best Things About Macau #20ThingsILoveAboutMacao


Macau is a dream place to be. The best things about it are

1. Worlds highest Bungee Jumping from the Macau tower. It is a breathtaking experience

2. The worlds biggest casino- totally the Las Vegas of the east

3. Easy connectivity to Hong Kong by the biggest sea bridge

4. Macau Grand Prix for the racing lovers

5. The churches and cathedrals in Macau are a must visit

6. The mix culture or China and Portuguese is amazing

7. Best street food and international food at the Taipa Village

8. A walk through the beaches

9. Best massage parlors and spas

10. View of the beautiful city from Macau Tower

11. The historical museums in Macau will waken up the history enthusiast in you

12. Pandas at the national wildlife reserve

13. The sky scrappers in the City of Dreams

14. A walk through the amazing beaches

15. Flee market at Taipa village

16. House of Dancing Water theater experience

17. A fun evening at the Warner Bro's Fun zone

18. World's largest sea bridge

19. The Taoism in the A-Ma temple

20. The best thing about Macau is the sunset and sunrise views