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Hong Kong Attractions: A Destination With Modern Living, Ancient Cultures And Thrilling Adventures


Hong Kong attractions bring forth an exciting mix of impressive skylines, lush green corridors, vibrant traditions and tempting food. This is your one-stop destination to enjoy a tantalising blend of tradition and modernity. There's a million reasons why one must visit Hong Kong and not a single reason why one shouldn't!

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Experiencing Hong Kong's Living Culture

Hong Kong's rich heritage is a result of various cultures coming together and giving it a unique identity. Its culture is predominantly influenced by Chinese with British, Indians and Jews mixed in. Cantonese speaking population is the majority in Hong Kong and major concepts like 'family solidarity', 'family glory', 'saving face' and 'modesty' carry significant weight in Hong Kong's culture.

Ways to experience Hong Kong's Living Culture

Hong Kong culture was born in a sophisticated fusion of East and West. It not only kept many Chinese traditions, but also experienced a baptism of western culture. Some of the ways to experience this beautiful amalgamation of traditions are:

Chinese Opera: Always intriguing, a truly unforgettable experience, Chinese Opera is the most colourful expression of Chinese art and culture. It evokes the mystery and charm of ancient China, with the help of kaleidoscopic costumes, melodious singing punctuated by gongs and gestures rich with symbolism.

Feng Shui: Literally meaning 'wind and water'. This ancient study of environmental harmony is applied to everything from multi-million dollar skyscrapers to living rooms. Therefore, it is a major part of developing Hong Kong.

Chinese Tea: In Hong Kong, tea is more than just a refreshing drink. This is the drink that has been synonymous with Chinese culture for thousands of years, and also forms a major part of Hong Kong culture. People in Hong Kong use varieties of brews for all sorts of reasons: to quench thirst, aid digestion, as a health drink, and even as an ingredient in many dishes.

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Tai Chi: An ancient martial art treasured by Hong Kong’s senior citizens, Tai Chi is a graceful form of exercise used to achieve the balance of yin and yang in our bodies. You may stumble upon a solitary participant practicing it in a corner of a crowded street or stand and observe a group practicing their moves in the middle of a city park.

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The Dragon Boat Water Parade of Tai O: Three fishermen's associations in west Lantau Island’s tranquil fishing village of Tai O, organise this religious ritual known as 'The Dragon Boat Water Parade of Tai O (or the Tai O Deities Parade)'. It happens on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month and is the best way to experience Hong Kong’s living culture up close. You can also squeeze in a visit to an old stilt house community.

Photo of Hong Kong Attractions: A Destination With Modern Living, Ancient Cultures And Thrilling Adventures 5/5 by Aakanksha Magan
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Experience the Modern Hong Kong Attractions

Asia's world city, as Hong Kong is popularly recognised, is a destination that caters to all kinds of visitors. Themed attractions, weirdly fascinating architecture, a blooming economy, and even amusement parks contribute to making Hong Kong a favourite amongst vacationers of all types. From enthralling harbour cruises to the fascinating Disneyland, Hong Kong has it all. However, if there is one attraction you can't miss while in Hong Kong, it is the Ngong Ping 360 at Lantau Island.

The Ngong Ping cable car ride connects Tung Chung with Ngong Ping and offers panoramic views of Lantau Island. Ngong Ping Terminal is right next to Ngong Ping Village – the best starting point to reach other Hong Kong attractions such as the Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Tai O fishing village, etc.

As you start from Tung Chung, be prepared to see some of the most splendid views on your ride up to Ngong Ping village. The new town of Tung Chung, the expansive Tung Chung Bay and the Hong Kong International Airport (and if you are lucky you might spot a plane or two flying close by). You can also the the Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macau bridge in distance and catch a glimpse of Tian Tan Budhha, the world's second largest outdoor bronze Buddha statue.

After that scintillating cable car ride you finally reach the village of Ngong Ping. A culturally-themed villages, Ngong Ping is designed and landscaped to integrate the scenic nature of the island. It is set on a scenic 1.5-hectare site on Lantau Island, and is the final destination of Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal. Home to recreation, shopping and dining, the village also has four, must-do, themed attractions – “VR 360”, “Stage 360”, “Motion 360” and “Walking with Buddha”.

You can book yourself an amazing Hong Kong vacation with an unforgettable excursion to Ngong Ping 360 right here.

Also, if you wish to venture out of Ngong Ping, you can visit the Tian Tan Buddha or the Big Buddha, one of the major attractions of Lantau Island, or see the world-renowned Po Lin Monastery and it's majestic architecture.

So, what are you waiting for? Don't you just wanna hop on a plane and experience the living culture through Hong Kong attractions? And then jump on board to visit the pristine Lantau Island and go for an excursion to Ngong Ping 360? If the answer is yes, yes and yes, book yourself an amazing Hong Kong vacation right here.

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