What You Can Get at Mc Donald's India


Now who does not know McDonald’s? 

The  red logo with its golden-yellow arches of the ‘M’ is a familiar sign in a lot of countries around the world and India is no stranger to it. But for most Westerners, to whom Mc Donald’s may signify the familiar taste of the Big Mac or the Double Cheese Beef Burger, the Mc Donald's Menu in India may come as a bit of a surprise. 

Among other differences, the first thing an outsider will notice is that the signature snack and probably the most recognizable symbol of this Fast Food Giant is nowhere to be found in an Indian McDonald’s….I’m talking about the Hamburger! You heard me right- No Hamburgers. The Indian Mc Donald outlets don’t sell patties on buns.

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 India is one of the biggest markets in the World, it is also the only Country in the World, where McDonald’s doesn’t serve any beef or pork in any form. Instead of ground beef and pork patties, the  Menu in India features Indian burgers that are 100% vegetarian – burger look-a-likes of potatoes, peas, and carrots, with a little Indian spice  in. 

The reason!

Diets in India have been impacted by the many different religions in India for centuries now. Hindus don’t eat beef. Hindu believers consider the cow sacred and holy, so eating a cow is considered a grave sin. Since a majority of the population  follow Hinduism, there is no beef on the Mc Donald's menu in India. Hindus and Muslims  don’t eat pork.   

It's not that McDonald’s doesn’t serve any non-vegetarian products in their Indian restaurants. They  serve chicken burgers and still have the one Fish Burger, but if you are a meat lover, then you will be  outnumbered with their vegetarian options.

The Vegetarian Food at Mc Donald's India

 1. Mc Veggie

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The Mc Veggie sandwich starts with the familiar sesame seed bun. In between the bread, you will find a vegetarian patty that is made from peas, carrots, green beans, red bell pepper, potatoes, onions, rice, and seasoning. This vegetarian burger is garnished with lettuce, and has mayonnaise made without eggs spread thickly on the bread.

2.  Mc Aloo Tikki

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Potatoes are a popular filling food item in India. Mc Donald’s in India has Mc Aloo Tikki sandwich which includes a patty made out of potatoes, peas, and spices. It also includes tomato slices, onions, and vegetarian mayonnaise.

3. Paneer Salsa Wrap

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Paneer is referred to as cottage cheese in India. Mc Donald’s Paneer Salsa Wrap starts with a small slab of paneer that has been dredged in a coating . It is fried and the paneer patty is wrapped in flatbread and topped with a salad mixture that includes lettuce, red cabbage and celery and then is finished off with vegetarian mayonnaise, salsa and cheddar cheese.

4. Crispy Chinese

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McDonald’s in India’s Crispy Chinese sandwich is crispy, but very China. It’s more an Indian Chinese. Nevertheless, this vegetarian patty is topped with a creamy Schezwan sauce and lettuce which makes it a nice addition to the Indian vegetarian menu.

5. Veg Mc Curry Pan

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If you are in the mood for something similar to pizza, but don’t want a tomato-based sauce, McDonald’s Veg Mc Curry Pan is a good choice. It starts with a rectangular shaped crust that is topped with a creamy sauce (made without eggs) and vegetables including broccoli, baby corn, mushrooms and red bell pepper. It is then baked until the crust is crisp and the toppings are hot and bubbly.

6. Pizza Mc Puff

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The vegetarian Pizza Mc Puff also starts with a rectangular shaped crust, but instead of a creamy sauce is flavored with a tomato-based sauce and then is topped with carrots, beans, bell peppers, onions, peas and mozzarella cheese.

The Non-Vegetarian Food at Mc Donald's India

1.  Chicken Maharaja  Mac

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The Indian version of the Big Mac  in India, is the Chicken Maharaja Mac sandwich which is made with 2 grilled chicken patties and is topped with onions, tomatoes, cheese and a spicy mayonnaise.

2.  Mc Chicken

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The Mc Chicken in India is almost the same as its cousin by the same name in other Mc Donald's around the world. It contains one breaded and fried chicken patty and is topped with lettuce and vegetarian mayonnaise. 

3. Filet-O-Fish

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The Filet-O-Fish sandwich at Mc Donald's in India is the only  fish sandwich item on the menu.

4. Chicken Mc Grill

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The Chicken Mc Grill sandwich starts off with a thin grilled chicken patty that is embellished with cilantro mayonnaise, onions and tomatoes and is served on a toasted bun.

5. Chicken Mc Curry Pan

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Chicken Mc Curry Pan is the same as its vegetarian version.

 It starts off with a rectangle of dough and is topped with a tomato-curry sauce, spiced with thyme, basil, and oregano. It is finished off with chicken, bell peppers, and cheese and is baked till crisp and bubbly.

Apart from these that appear mainly in the Indian McDonald’s  there are a couple of things that are exactly the same in India as what you would consume at a Mc Donald's in some other country . And that is  Mc Donald’s famous fries, shakes, and soft-serve ice-cream, both sundaes and cones. And of course soft drinks are available as well.