Dublin Diary - Page 3

4th Jun 2019

Trinity College, Dublin

Photo of Dublin Diary - Page 3 by Janani Kilahari
Day 3

Its officially day three and my excitement is as same as the day one. My friend decided to take a couple of days off to help me recce the Dublin. After having some mushrooms and eggs for the breakfast, we decided to hit the CityWest Shopping Centre ( remember the one I showed in the page 1). Dunnes is the exclusive store to shop for anything "literally" anything. I wasn't able resist myself from picking stuff ( btw did I tell you that I am a Shopaholic :)

We shopped for nearly 2 hours and exited with huge bags. As we returned back to the apartment the clock hit 11. Since I had a treacherous day yesterday I decided to keep it light today. So my friend decided to take me through every street of Dublin today. We took the Luas to Trinity College, one of the esteemed institution and historic place to visit in Dublin.

Photo of Citywest, Dublin, Ireland by Janani Kilahari

Trinity College is the oldest university in the Ireland built of Queen Elizabeth in 1592. Its located in the middle between O’Connell Street and Grafton Street. It’s also very close to The Davenport, which is located on Merrion Square and a 5-minute walk to Grafton Street.

"Fun fact: There is a huge bell placed beneath the dome where none of the students dare to cross it. The is a weird belief for every student that if anyone tries to cross the dome and if the bell rings, that student wouldn't be able to pass the papers to get the degree from the college."

Photo of Trinity College Dublin, College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland by Janani Kilahari

Book of Kells :

There is no way that one would skip about Book of Kells after visiting the Trinity College. Book of Kells exhibition attracts tourism from various parts of the country. The exhibition is all about the illustrated manuscripts from the 9th century that documents the four gospels of the life of Jesus Christ. It displays the world's most famous medieval manuscript.

Photo of Book of Kells, College Green, Dublin, Ireland by Janani Kilahari

After this exhibition, it leads to the Long room, which houses for more than 2,00,000 Trinity's oldest books. The enormous domes and the magnificent rack of books leaves us awestruck. It also show cases the letters and the publication works of some of the famous scientist like Newton, Einstein and so on. I totally lost the track of time by wandering around the long room.