Finding Bliss: My One-Week Solo Adventure in Beautiful Bali

21st Nov 2022
Photo of Finding Bliss: My One-Week Solo Adventure in Beautiful Bali by Juhi Bhadviya

In the month of November, I travelled solo to Bali for a weeklong vacation. My vacation cost, excluding flights and lodging, was under 400 USD. The following is a guide to help you plan a trip to Bali that not only includes some relaxing beach time but some exciting new experiences as well.

Where to stay

Each of these areas offers something unique to visitors :

Ulluwatu is a less hectic destination with beautiful shores.

Kuta is a well-liked location because of the low prices at which lodging and shopping can be found there.

The most popular areas for nightlife and seaside clubs are Seminayak and Canggu.

Ubud is a natural paradise, complete with rice fields and gushing waterfalls.

I stayed at the Ramada by Wyndham on Sunset Road, Kuta for the duration of my vacation, and it was decent experience. Though it will be more convenient if you split your stay between Ubud and Seminayak/Canguu/Kuta based on your budget.

Local Commute

Bikes are the quickest and most inexpensive way to get around (normally there is no checking for a license). The ride-hailing applications GoJek and Grab are also available.

Currency Exchange

You can easily find many currency exchange offices in Bali where you can convert USD or other common currencies to IDR. Avoid exchanging currency with small vendors. They may offer you higher rates, but there is a possibility that they will cheat you.


Day 1

Morning - I left from the hotel early morning to go for river rafting on the Ayung river. It included hotel pickup/drop and lunch (400K IDR). The rafting duration is approx. 2 hours. You'll encounter some waterfalls along the trip that you can stop and admire for a while. The rapids here are graded as easy which makes it a pleasant experience for those who have never done it before. Photographs and films are available for purchase at the end of the journey.

Photo of Finding Bliss: My One-Week Solo Adventure in Beautiful Bali by Juhi Bhadviya

Evening - I enjoyed an amazing dinner at FINNS Beach Club (Entry is free, you only pay for what you eat or if you book a bed you need to pay for it)

Day 2

Morning - I hired a taxi and visited a handful of Ubud's most well-known attractions.(500K IDR for 10 hrs) :

The Bali Swing: There are 4-5 different swings here but the highest swing here, at 78m in height, is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. It's a modest area designed primarily for photography. If you want to take a lovely picture for social media, this is a great location; otherwise, I thought it was pricey. (The entry fee is 700K, which covers access to all swings and lunch. Dresses can be rented for an additional fee). It might be worth exploring other options like Alas Harum Swing for a more thrilling experience.

Leke Leke Waterfall: The stunning scenery and relative lack of visitors make this a true gem. The hike down to the waterfall takes about fifteen to twenty minutes. (Entry Fees is 50K)

Coffee Plantation: That is where the world's most expensive coffee, Luwak Coffee, is produced. They walk you through the entire process of coffee-making and provide you with free samples of tea and coffee to taste. You can buy it if you want.

Silver jewellery: There are several silver jewellery shops in Ubud where you may spend some time and get your own custom-crafted piece of jewellery that you will cherish forever as a memento of your time in Bali.

Photo of Finding Bliss: My One-Week Solo Adventure in Beautiful Bali by Juhi Bhadviya

Evening - After a long day, I headed to a Spa, which is one of the things Bali is famed for. There are numerous spas in Bali, ranging from extremely inexpensive to highly deluxe. Bali Green Spa in Kuta was my choice.

Day 3

Morning - I began my day by going to Kuta Beach and learning to surf(120K IDR for an hour). There is a market just outside the beach where you may get some extremely cheap clothing and other handicrafts. You can also spend some time at the Beachwalk Shopping Center, Kuta.

Evening - I went on an overnight trek to Mount Batur, an active volcano. It included hotel pickup and drop-off as well as breakfast(800K IDR). The trek began around 3 a.m. and took approximately 2 to 2.5 hours to reach the top, where you could witness the stunning sunrise and have breakfast. The trek's difficulty rating ranges from medium to hard.

Photo of Finding Bliss: My One-Week Solo Adventure in Beautiful Bali by Juhi Bhadviya
Day 4

Morning - I took a GoJek ride to Tanjung Benoa Beach beach for water sports and had a great time Jet Skiing, Flying Fox and Para Sailing. If you are travelling solo, you might have to pay a higher price for some water sports like flying fox which are designed for two people but there is a lot of room for bargaining here. I did the 3 water sports for 500K IDR. Tanjung Benoa Beach is primarily for watersports and not for sunbathing on a seaside shack.

Evening - I went to Potato Head Beach Club to catch the sunset and enjoy the music while having dinner. (Entry is free, you only pay for what you eat or if you book a bed you need to pay for it).

Day 5

Morning - Melasti Beach in Ulluwatu was the first stop of the day. There is a small entry fee to enter this stunning beach that is worth it given its location down below the cliffs. There aren't too many waves at this beach, so you can go swimming or hang out at one of the beach bars.

Photo of Finding Bliss: My One-Week Solo Adventure in Beautiful Bali by Juhi Bhadviya

Afternoon - Next, I headed to Ulluwatu Temple. It is located on a cliff and offers a tranquil view of the ocean waves crashing against the cliff. I spent the evening witnessing the Keckak dance performance, held at the open stage of Ulluwatu Temple. The show starts at 6pm and is based on episodes taken from Ramayana. You might not understand it at first, but it gradually becomes interesting. Overall, it's a one-time watch experience, but you may skip the show if you're tight on time. (Entry fees 50K IDR + 150K IDR Show fees).

Day 6

My final day in Bali was spent touring the renowned Nusa Penida Island. I booked a gobike to Sanur, the departure point for ferries to Nusa Penida Island, and then booked a round-trip ferry from there (300K IDR). The ferry left Sanur around 8 am and the return ferry was at 2:30pm, 4:30 pm.

After arriving in Nusa Penida, I rented a bike ( which is widely available as soon as you exit the ferry) to explore the popular island. The first stop was at Angel Billabong which is a natural pool on the edge of the cliff. A short distance from here, you can witness the Broken Beach. After that, I made my way to the beach at Kelingking. There will be plenty of photo booth setups throughout. The weather here was quite hot, making it difficult to enjoy the island.

Photo of Finding Bliss: My One-Week Solo Adventure in Beautiful Bali by Juhi Bhadviya


For some of the waterfalls, you will need to hike a bit, so make sure you have a comfortable pair of walking shoes with you.

Bargain: Try to get at least half off the asking price for whatever you do.

In Bali, finding completely vegetarian Indian restaurants can be difficult. Sattvik is one of the restaurants I've visited for authentic Indian cuisine. The online food delivery services Grab and Gojek are also accepted.

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