Lazy Drive – Kanva

2nd Dec 2015

I and my friends had been to attend wedding in Ramangar, near Bengaluru. We finished wedding on Wednesday morning around 11 o' clock. It hardly takes an hour to reach Bengaluru. So we searched for a place around, Google came up with few suggestions. Kanva, an irrigation dam is 10-15kms from Ramanagar. Though it took time for us to decide about place, we weren't late. Kanva, an irrigation project dam built across the Kanva river. The river Kanva is named after sage Kanva, who is believed to have lived in the caves in the mountains and forest around the dam in time of Ramayana. 

Photo of Lazy Drive – Kanva 1/4 by Akshatha Kale 

The weather was just perfect !! Thick, heavy black clouds... green lush on both sides of road. Less crowded,less litter more of nature. Beautiful place to visit for people who needs a break from busy schedule, this place will not disappoint you.Even though there is no entry to dam, we get to sit on sideways of dam. Scenic views to watch.. few birds flying above..pretty good weather to visit now. Worth visiting once. Apart from this, we can drive around the dam to see rear view of dam with bridge and long muddy path which is like a little mountain. 

Photo of Lazy Drive – Kanva 2/4 by Akshatha Kale 
Photo of Lazy Drive – Kanva 3/4 by Akshatha Kale 
Photo of Lazy Drive – Kanva 4/4 by Akshatha Kale 

Hope you like the place and enjoy like me and my friends did!