South Goa: A laid-back Escapade


South Goa: A place which is All about sun, sea and sand.

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This place has always my heart no matter how many times I have been here. When you want to enjoy a slow travel, an unplugged experience and a serene beauty, you can simply be lost in this rendezvous with nature.

This trip to South Goa was a week of tropical escapade with just picturesque beaches and majestic sunsets. A holiday with sandy toes, glimpses into Portuguese culture, undiluted lush greenery and a surreal romantic vibe all around.

Things to do:

Chill at Benaulim Beach: This was my personal favourite beach and since it was nearby to our resort, we would go there for watching beautiful sunrise in the morning and again in the evening for having dinner by its romantic shoreline.Its quite clean, pretty and filled with delicious restaurants with a vibrant nightlife Relax at Agonda Beach:Agonda is a lesser known beach of south Goa. When you are in a mood to relax and rejuvenate, you can make your way to Agonda, click some pretty pictures and enjoy the serene vibes here Trek to the Cola: A hidden gem:Cola beach is a beautiful gem. Though the trek here is bumpy with some rough steps but at the end of this adventure you will find an amazing view.Cola Lagoon: It has a blue shallow lagoon great for swimming or just chilling around with your beer

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Enjoy the vibes at Ambient cafes:In terms of food, South Goa cafes have lot to offer other than the regional cuisines. From hot-piping pancakes to freshly brewed coffees to delectable breakfast, these ambient cafes have multiple options for all type of foodies. Butterfly beach ferry ride during sunset:There are two small beautiful beaches which are not easily accessible by land.You can take a boat ride to these beaches and spend some time chilling on the sands offshore. Though we were not able to spot any dolphins, if you are luck you might see some as promised in the ride Catch some live music at the Goan cafes:Live music is a huge part of Goan Culture.We made some impromptu plans to catch some live music along with delicious pizza and wine. Doesn't that sound melodiously perfect? A romantic dinner by the waves in the sand:Since it was valentine's day and also our first anniversary, Goa was the perfect place for celebration . Believe me, the entire place was filled with romantic vibes all around with some lavish dinner arrangements.We had our romantic dinner organised by a beach cafe which included romantically decorated private shack, buffet dinner, special fireworks at the beach, champagne of your choice with some beautiful music.

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Details of our stay:

Beleza By the Beach resort:A lavish beach resort along the sandy beaches of Betalbatim Beach with picturesque pool and a refreshing spa.You can start your day by taking a stroll to Betalbatim beach waves.Colva beach and a local market is also located at a walking distance.Nazaré, the lovely beach shack of the resort and bar offers beverages and light snacks.Along with the captivating views inside the resort, we also spent some time strolling in the beautiful green paddy fields around the resort.

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