8 Villages In Goa That You Must Visit To Get A Local Flavour


Tito's, Bom Jesus and Baga Beach! Three names that pop up in our heads when someone mentions a Goa vacation. Immodest amounts of alcohol, late night beach parties and hungover mornings are what Goa has been associated with. But it's done and dusted, there's been a paradigm shift in the idea of 'fun', from getting drunk, lost and broke on a beach, to living and savouring every bit of life and culture of Goa. Getting to know the local life, going fishing with fishermen, enjoying authentic and delectable seafood and relaxing on a clean and quiet beach, the idea of a Goa vacation has been transforming.

And to fuel it further, as the Goa season arrives and tourist elbow each other out of Baga and Calangute, I have an entire list of culturally enriched Goan villages, that will give you a whole new Goan experience. From beaches to food, from turtles to dolphins, and some amazing souvenir shopping, everything is here, minus the crowd!

A typical coastal fishing village, Betul lies less than an hour away from Margao, in Salcete, South Goa. Betul boasts of colourful splendid evenings when the local villagers gather together for a chit-chat. The pleasant climate, quaint village atmosphere and a 17th century fort are the highlights here.The best part is the Cavelossim-Assolna ferry that you get to enjoy across the Sal River in order to get to the Betul beach.

Getting there & stay

Betul is located 39 km away from the Dabolim Airport. There are some luxurious high-end resorts in Betul, and budget stay options as well. To book a room click here.

Located in North Goa, Assagao is one of the tiniest and most charming villages resting peacefully in verdant hills, clothed in cashew groves. Gifted with the healing power of its spring water, natural beauty and gentle breezes from the Arabian Sea, Assagao has a laid back and peaceful vibe about it. A bird lover’s paradise – you can spot a variety of birds including the Purple Sunbird, Crimson Sunbird, Wagtail, Tickell Blue flycatcher, Red-whiskered Bulbul and the Asian Yellow Oriole right on your verandah.

Getting there & stay

Assagao is located 41 km away from the Dabolim Airport. For stay options in Assagao, click here.

Located in the Canacona taluka of South Goa Poinguinim, leads to one of the cleanest beaches in Goa, Galgibaga beach. It is yet another turtle beach and is unarguably Goa's best kept secret, with crystal clear water, silver sand and endless rows of coconut and palm trees. Ponguinim is home to the Parshuram temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, located amidst forest groves in serene surroundings.

Getting there & stay

Poinguinim is located 68 km away from the Dabolim Airport. For cute and comfortable stay options at Galgibaga beach click here.

Agonda is a small village in Canacona, South Goa. It is known for its pristine beach that also serves as a nesting ground for Olive Ridley Sea Turtles in the month of September, a rarity to say the least. There's only one other beach in Agonda called Cola Beach – gorgeous in its own right and unspoilt to a good extent, it is home to a pretty lagoon that you cannot miss.

Getting there & stay

Agonda is located 60km away from Dabolim Airport. There are many hotels and resorts available on the beach as well as in the village. For stay options, click here.

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Photo of Agonda, Goa, India by Abhigya S

A charming Indo-Portuguese village, located 2 km north of Colva, Betalbatim is the place to go if you are looking for quiet village experience. It is decorated with old palacios built during the Portuguese era that now belong to the landlords. Betalbatim beach is known for golden sand, whispering palm trees and playful dolphins in the shimmering Arabian Sea. Fishermen usually would take you for a dolphin trip if you'd care for a closer look!

Getting there & stay

Betalbatim is situated at a mere distance of 20 km away from the Dabolim Airport. Check-out the stay options in Betalbatim here.

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Photo of Betalbatim, Goa, India by Abhigya S

Situated in the Tiswadi taluka of Goa, Mandur Azossim is a village filled with multitude of houses. This village is basically known for its generous and warm people who unassumingly make Goa what it is. The best time to mingle with these locals, and to bask in their culture is in September, when they host a seven-day fiesta/carnival called Intruz.

Getting there & stay

Mandur is located 19 km away from the Dabolim Airport. There are a variety of stay options available in and around Mandur, click here to book a room right away!

The village of Nuvem is situated across the National Highway 17 in South Goa in the Salcete taluka. Visit here if you want to indulge in true Goan flavour, Nuvem is the place. Here 90% of the population is tribal, who are engaged in traditional occupations. The locals relish the sport of football here, and also enjoy Konkani dramas. If raw unspoilt culture is your thing, you have to come to Nuvem. It is also nationwide famous for hosting National Karting Championships.

Getting there & stay

Nuvem is located 21 km away from the Dabolim Airport. Click here to check out the stay options in Nuvem.

The Ucassaim village lies just 2 kms from the main town of Mapusa and is a very picturesque village strewn with paddy fields divided by a small rivulet branching from the Mapusa river. Its beauty lies in its scenic surroundings of residential area perfectly sandwiched between bottle green hills of cashew bushes, and paddy fields. Besides horticulture and floriculture. Ucassaim pottery is pretty famous through the entire state, and is one of the best selling items of many markets in Goa.

Getting there & stay

Ucassaim is located 40 km away from the Dabolim Airport. There are some budget stay options available near the Mapusa market, as well as some mid and high range hotels in Ucassaim, to check out the stay options, click here.

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