Quest of the West: Bhavnagar

3rd May 2016

Gam talav [Photo courtesy: krunalparekh111]

Photo of Gam Talav, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India by Arindam Ghosh

Gam talav or simply 'talav' is the centre point of the Bhavnagar city. The market, railway station, bus stand and other amenities surround this water body.

The lake

Photo of Gaurishankar Lake, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India by Arindam Ghosh

Shiv temple

Photo of Gaurishankar Lake, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India by Arindam Ghosh

A huge water body on the outskirts of the city constructed in the late 1800s to provide water to the city. Even today it supports it's purpose apart from growing to a site of tourist spot with boating facility. A temple along the bund dedicated to Lord shiva can also be found here.

Takhteshwar Temple [Image source: wikimapia]

Photo of Takhteshwar Temple, Panwadi, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India by Arindam Ghosh

This is a small white marble temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is located atop a hillock and dates back to 1893. The temple courtyard offers a panoramic view of the Bhavnagar city that extend till the Gulf of Khambhat.

Nishkalankh Mahadev

Photo of निष्कलंक महादेव, भावनगर जिला, गुजरात, भारत by Arindam Ghosh

A temple under the sea. Accessible only during low tide, the Nishkalankh Mahadev is said to be dated back to Mahabharata era when the Pandavas came here to seek redemption for killing their own blood. The temple does not consist of any building but rather four Shivlings on a raised platform around 1.5km away from the actual beach. During high tide only a light house and flags mounted on it are visible. Prayer are offered when the water level goes down.

Kuda Beach [Image source: Gujtop]

Photo of Kuda Beach, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, Piram, Gujarat, India by Arindam Ghosh

Along the Nishkalankh Mahadev lies the Kuda beach. As Bhavnagar is located in the Gulf of Khambhat region no fresh water can be expected here. Still a beach is a beach.

Morning walk, evening stroll or to just spend some time within greenery, this is a perfect place within the premises of the city. In this nature park one may encounter a deer or peacock enjoying the day alongside you. A small lake in the park is host to several birds.

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