Frankfurt in 1Day......

25th Aug 2019
Day 1

What would you prefer if you have more than 8 hours time between your would like to stay at airport looking at strangers and getting bore or you would like to explore the city?

If you like to explore the city then here is your tour guide to city.

Travel companion: #Trishala

Season: Summer( June end)

Time: Day time

1. Check for lugguge drop.

At airport luggage drop service is there, they charge 8eur a day per bag. Drop your heavy baggage there and explore the city

2. You should take metro/local train to city center, there are more than 1 airport in Frankfurt, take 10 min bus ride to main airport, from there metro station is at walking distance.

3. Self service ticket machines are there, use your credit card to buy tickets to city center. Cash option is not available.


Photo of Frankfurt in 1Day...... by Tanu Shrivastava

4. Once you reach city center, use google map, and go to goethe house, 10 mins walk from metro station.

Goethe house and goethe museum is one of the best attraction in frankfurt. In 1749, the famous German poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe was born here and spent his youth here.

if you like a tour to history, must visit this place, timings: 10am to 6pm.

5. From Goethe house, iron bridge is at 600-650m at around 10-15 min walking distance.

The first wrought iron bridge was built in 1868. It was replaced in 1911/1912 by a slightly larger cantilever bridge. It is 170 metres long and consists of riveted steel trusses with two bridge piers. The bridge was blown up by the Wehrmacht in the final days of World War II, but it was rebuilt shortly afterwards in 1946. It was fully renovated in 1993.its famous as love lock bridge as well, people put padlocks and write there names with permanent markers

love lock at iron bridge, picture credit @Trishala

Photo of Frankfurt in 1Day...... by Tanu Shrivastava

this place is best for taking candid picture and enjoying the city view from bridge. Spend 1-2 hours, have icecream at the bank of river and take lots of pictures.

City view from bridge

Photo of Frankfurt in 1Day...... by Tanu Shrivastava

Iron bridge

Photo of Frankfurt in 1Day...... by Tanu Shrivastava

6. On your way back to metro you must visit the market for local food and souvnier shopping. The flower shops were the eye candies for us on our way back to metro station.

Photo of Frankfurt in 1Day...... by Tanu Shrivastava

we covered all these places in 5 hrs as we had to catch next flight, we started from airport at 9am and reached back by 2pm as our next flight boarding time was 3.30pm to Budapest.

Note: language might have an issue as not much people speak English, but in general people were kind, generous and willing to help :)

comment if you want any details.