Cruise Trip to Akaroa New Zealand? Top 10 Things to Do in Akaroa


Akaroa is a small town on the Banks Peninsula in New Zealand. This place has been settled by Māori for centuries before European settlers arrived in 1838. Akaroa's population today is about 1500 people and most residents are descendants from these original settlers. It's a popular tourist destination, and for good reason! Akaroa offers visitors some of the best food, wine, and scenery that New Zealand has to offer. If you're looking for a place to relax and enjoy unforgettable moments in life, Akaroa is it - so make sure you have booked some local sightseeing packages before landing Akaroa Harbour from your cruise.

Top 10 Things to Do in Akaroa on your Cruise Vacation

#1:- Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruise with Dolphin Watching

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The Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruise with Dolphin Watching is a popular tourist attraction in Akaroa. The cruise takes you around the harbour and through Akaroa's dolphin sanctuary, where you have a chance to spot dolphins on your journey. Dolphins are often seen playing amongst the Akaroa coastline or swimming along side of our boat while we troll for their more shy sea mammal cousins - seals! Whether it be from the upper deck of our boat, underwater viewing window or from one of our two kayaks, there will always be something for everyone onboard this Akaroa activity.

This place is also home to many native birds so keep your eyes peeled for the pied oyster catchers, New Zealand fur seals and little blue penguins that are often seen swimming around water. This nature cruise offers a peaceful way of admiring this beautiful area - without having to get too wet!

There are a few companies doing Dolphin watching and swim with dolphin packages in Akaroa. Please have a look at the affordable one of your choice from leading tour booking website

#2:- The Giant's House

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The Giant's House is another popular Akaroa's tourist attractions. Hector Busby built The Giant's House in 1886 to keep his daughter entertained. Today, many organisations offer guided tours of The Giant's House including Historical Journeys and Akaroa Museum Tours . If you are not on a packaged tour, please book before coming as tours can fill up fast! Although entry into the reserve is free, travelers are encouraged to make donations at the gate.

There are so many activities at The Giant's House that you will never run out! There is a bridge over a waterfall which is great for photographs, an old sawmill, stables with hay still in them, alpine plants and ornamental ponds.

Many parts of the reserve have also been left untouched which gives visitors more freedom when exploring. It truly feels like you're inside your own personal garden landscape.

#3:- Okains Bay Māori and Colonial Muse

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The Okains Bay Māori and Colonial Museum in Akaroa is a worthy destination spot for tourists to stop by while they are enjoying their time on the Banks Peninsula. The museum takes visitors back in time where they can learn about the history of both the local iwi (tribe) and European settlers, as well as see what life was like on the peninsula during both of these time periods.

There is a large number of artifacts and exhibits at this museum which can keep visitors interested and fascinated for hours, and it also features two scenic gardens that are perfect to relax in after you have walked around and learned all about the history of Akaroa and surrounding areas.

Visiting Museums won't be an interest for all people, especially if you are traveling with your family. So make sure you are interested in knowing the history before get into this building.

#4:- Akaroa Lighthouse

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Akaroa Lighthouse is another tourist attractions in Akaroa, that many travelers want to visit. Built in 1879, it was constructed to replace an older lighthouse that had become outdated. The new beacon helped sailors make their way past the treacherous coastlines of Banks Peninsula and safely into port.

The lighthouse's main function was to warn ships away from the dangerous reef that runs parallel to both sides of Akaroa Harbour and into Cook Strait. It now functions as an active tourist attraction and displays its own light at night for people to admire and appreciate during their visit to Akaroa town.

People who come here can also explore the surrounding area including walking tracks with native forest vegetation, beaches, and picnic areas along the way.

#5:- Banks Peninsula War Memorial and Grounds

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If you are looking for a great place in Akaroa to know deep about the history, then look no further than Banks Peninsula War Memorial and Grounds. This is one of the best tourist attractions to go see when visiting Banks Peninsula.

It is an amazing site which pays tribute to those who lost their lives during World War I and II. There are also many other memorials that pay homage to local soldiers who have died defending this country's freedoms over the years.

This is a wonderful place to visit if you love history or just beautiful views of Banks Peninsula. It has panoramic views that will take your breath away, as well as lots of information about Banks Peninsula.

#6:- Barrys Bay Traditional Cheese Store

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Located in Barrys Bay, Barry's Bay Traditional Cheese is one of the best attractions for tourists. Barry's has been making cheese since 1918 and they are still going strong today. They offer a wide variety of cheeses that can be purchased at their store or online. If you're looking for something to do on your cruise journey, then head on over to Barrys Bay and have some cheese with you!

This store is not on the Akaroa town and is located around 12 KM from the town. There are several Akaroa to Christchurch tour packages available that includes Barrys Bay Cheese store as one of the destinations. So if you are interested in visiting the store, plan ahead.

#7:- Try Akaroa Fish and Chips

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If you are looking for a tasty treat while visiting Akaroa Harbour, Akaroa Fish & Chips is the place to go. Akaroa Fish & Chips has been serving up delicious fish and chips since 1980. It's great for tourists who want to try some of NZ's best seafood.

The popularity of the fish and chips store can be seen in its reviews, many of which are 5 Star. The reason why so many people have rated positive is because of cheap prices, convenience and due to high quality.

Additionally, it is not only the locals who are fans of this take away but visitors too! There are crazy food lovers driving from Christchurch, came to Akaroa just to buy fish and chips from this store.

#8:- Shamarra Alpacas Farm Tour

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Shamarra Alpacas Farm Tour is one of the emerging tourist attractions popping up in the Akaroa area, and it has quickly become one of the most popular attractions for locals and tourists alike! They offers a variety of tours that are sure to please everyone from children to adults.

Their farm tour is especially popular with visitors who have never seen an alpaca before, and their adventure tours offer something more adventurous for those looking for something new. Children from the age of nine can enjoy an exciting ride on Shamarra's treetop adventure course or pony rides and this will be really exciting if you are on a family vacation.

All of our tours are accompanied by one of their staffs, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. So ff you have never seen alpacas before then this farm tour is the perfect way to get an introduction to this amazing animal.

#9:- Newton's Waterfall

Hiking Newton’s Waterfall in New Zealand provides you with an experience of a lifetime! This waterfall is truly magnificent and has been called "the most spectacular waterfall" in Akaroa by many tourists because of its size. This hike can be challenging but it offers a great workout for those who are up for the challenge!

Track can be either walked from Akaroa township or you drive up to the end of the road to the gate. Those who have sat in a Cruise ship for few days and want to do a small hike and relax, this is the perfect one in Akaroa. This can be done in the morning or even in the afternoon and you can return to your ship before departure.

#10:- Akaroa to Christchurch Day Tour

If you are looking for an Akaroa tour that is both adventurous and relaxing, Akaroa to Christchurch Day Tour might be the perfect fit. Akaroa to Christchurch Day Tour takes passengers from Akaroa to Christchurch through some of the most picturesque landscapes in New Zealand, including Banks Peninsula, Akaroa Harbour, French Pass Lighthouse and Lyttelton Port.

Based on your choice of interest, you can include, Jet-boating, Christchurch city sightseeing, Antartic center, Airforce Museum etc for this half day tour. Try to pre-book this tour on tripadvisor or viator before reaching Akaroa harbour for a hassle free journey. Based on your Cruise schedule, you will be picked up and dropped off from and to Akaroa harbour. We recommend, Canterbury Leisure Tours for this day tour as they are the most rated tour operator for these tours on tripadvisor.

How to Plan a Vacation in Akaroa?

Now you might think how to plan all these activities in Akaroa? one of the leading tour operator in Christchurch can arrange all these activities in a timely manner. They can pick you up from the Akaroa cruise harbour and schedule your activities and drop you back before your Cruise leave to next destination. They are not only doing honeymoon packages but also specialised in all sort of Vacation packages on both the North and South Island of New Zealand.

The stunning scenery, lively culture and delicious cuisine are the perfect ingredients for a memorable vacation. So if you're considering exploring Akaroa on your Cruise journey or just want to know more about this beautiful region of New Zealand, prepare yourself with the above mentioned top 10 things to do in Akaroa!