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29th May 2022

"Kataka sahara bada maharaga", as a kalahandia, this was the first time I had been introduced to Cuttack, by my Odia teacher in the school, rather been asked to write a sentence without any "Matra" and "Falaa" in Odia. This ancient capital of Kalinga and the British cantonment gets its name from being the capital for many years.

The word Cuttack means capital and the area used to be called as Bidanasi Cuttack as in "Bidanasi capital", as per records we can say that Banaras Cuttack was also called like that because Cuttack means capital. So the word Cuttack came into existence because of that and there was a cantonment establishment during the British Raj so the area became Cuttack from bidanasi Cuttack.

The general look of Cuttack are in the true sense of public opinions. People here are mostly businessmen, Doctors and law practitioners. But that doesn't state that Cuttack has no diversity. This historical market has always been in trade practice with Java, Sumatra, Bali, Malaysia and the major ports in the east Asia. The Baliyatra, that has been celebrated throughout the history to mark the significance of traders that constantly moved to different countries for trading and businesses through sea. If you ever get a chance to witness Baliyatra, just do it. Its the largest trade fare in Odisha and it is celebrated on a grand scale.

A lovely afternoon

the gurgling water at Jobra anicut 

the shaking of bridge 

whenever a vehicle pass 

and thoda thoda dar ka ehsaas, 

a plate of gupchup and 

the crunch on every bite, 

you have never changed.

Bridge k ek side me baithna 

Old songs ka loop me hona 

ek earbud tumhare to ek mere kaan me hona 

wo pal bhi kuch khaas the, 

shayad wahi sacche ehsaas the.

The chaotic Ranihat 

to the Tranquility of Naraj, 

the Medha hopping 

to baliyatra shopping, 

kabhi Brindavan theatre ka Garmi to 

kabhi sangam ke AC me so jaana, 

kabhi revenshaw ki lawn me 

to kabhi dress dhundte hue kisi mall me,

 the never ending Barabati ride for Munu bhai Chaa, 

to getting a scrumptious plate of dahibara. 

The never ending Mahanadi river banks 

to the NEET me kitna aaya Rank? 

kabhi JICA k sadak khodne se cry 

to kabhi station me ek warm goodbye. 

you made me fall in love Cuttack, you made me fall in love.

Photo of Jobra Park ଯୋବ୍ରା ପାର୍କ, Jobra Road, Jobra Colony, Cuttack, Odisha, India by Anshuman Panda

Cuttack have never failed to make me happy, when I was searching for something in life. It made me compelled ki, life me kuch bhi ho sakta hai. Right or wrong, Its a part of life. And life is not about only one story, Its about living up to your stories in parts.

Now a municipal corporation, then a suburb, Cuttack found a way through its British colonial period to get the status back in modern era. The City has been the epicenter of Justice, healthcare and legislation. Because of its geographical significance, Its a major delta and only City on a delta formation in Odisha. That has been formed because of the bifurcation of the river Mahanadi. The mighty Mahanadi splits into two major river in Odisha that is its tributary, Katha Jodi. The Naraj Rock point, which scales the reseeding delta of Cuttack city marks a point of the bifurcation. The grand delta of the millennium city offers a great insight to the past, present and future of Odisha and how it progressed throughout the Eras of Mughals, Kalinga rulers and The British rules.

Photo of Barabati Stadium, Stadium Road, Biju Patnaik Colony, Cuttack, Odisha, India by Anshuman Panda

The close interpersonal relationship, defines the Cuttack community as a whole and so the term "bhaichara ra sahara" comes into existence, where all religious community have been residing for centuries in harmony and co-operation. They celebrate all festivals together, Dussehra, Eid, Diwali, Holi, all the major festivals are celebrated in harmony and love.

Photo of Odisha State Maritime Museum, Cuttack, Ring Road, Professors Colony, Cuttack, Odisha, India by Anshuman Panda

Thus Cuttack is as at it were a bridge linkage together the past, present, and future of Odisha. Its root goes deep to the hoary past, but unlike many of the old cities, it is not in decay of ruins. It is pulsating with a new life, and one can reasonably hope that with its increasing importance and under the fostering care of its people and the Government it will develop in to one of the most attractive city on the eastern coast of India.