A village like that ...

1st May 2019
Photo of A village like that ... 1/1 by Diksha Gupta

Married to a guy Haryanvi Jaat (no offence to anyone ),who loves to spend most of his vacations in his village with the green fields surrounding him and a fragrance of soil in the air.My husband made sure that even in our trip to Europe his vacation time in village is not compromised.With dejection of wasting 3 days out of our 20 days Europe trip we boarded a High-speed rail SNCF and headed towards Lille the nearest town for Cassel.

The scenic beauty of the route made all the articles that i had read before planning my trip to Europe come alive.Even though its been a year now thinking of that ride still gives makes me happy as lary.

We were received by Mr x an old man with a smiling face with whom our talks most of the time were based on gestures and sign language .Yes we did use google translator but most of the times it was all understood without knowing each others language weather it was him telling us where wine and juices were kept at our air bnb accommodation or how to reach the local market.

As i entered the Air BNB apartment my heart full of the joys of spring it was a fairly tale house. 4 of us (2 couples) had the entire house for us.