Finland Tourism and Travel Guide

Finland is a destination with two seasons, summer and winter. Experience the midnight sun during summer or choose the snowy experience of winter. Both seasons have their own unique characteristics and cannot be experienced in just one trip. A trip to Finland will take you on an unforgettable ride to the land of lakes. Get closer to nature at Lakeland. Stay in a lakeside cottage and enjoy an authentic Finnish sauna in the Land of Thousand Lakes. For a unique experience, visit Lapland to witness the unprecedented Northern Lights from glass igloos, where they appear for more than 200 nights. Apart from being an ideal spot for Aurora Borealis, Lapland is just how you would have imagined Santa’s world to be. The place has a snow castle and Santa Claus’s office, just in case. For all adventure enthusiasts, the archipelago of Aland with almost 6000 islands offers a range of water activities to engage in. If you are still not over the fantasy world of Disney, then Moomworld is where you need to be. The place has its very own Winnie the Pooh called Moomins. Explore the cultural lifestyle of locals in your short city tours to Tampere, Savonlinna and Helsinki. Finland is a wonder land that is on the bucket list of every traveller in the world.
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