Top 10 Weekend Destination Ideas In France

29th Jan 2015
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Enjoy these long weekends generously offered by the state and by your company for exploring the country which has a lot to offer to the tourist.

1.       Bordeaux , wine stay

In Bordeaux, drinking red. But not only. We drink white too. Considered the world capital of wine because of the multitude and the quality of its wine lands, the largest city in the French Southwest offers the opportunity to onlooker, in addition to filling the throat with blood land, lost in the lively St. Pierre neighbourhoods Chartrons and Saint-Michel. History digest. And find a new wine bar.

2.       Avignon , historical stay

Anyone who browses the cobbled streets of Avignon seems to work in a disconnected territory of the traditional space-time, parallel dimension that challenges largely obsolete time the agenda. The thick walls of the city, the seditious Palais des Papes, the sea of red-tiled roofs, opera Formerly home Molière's troupe, clock towers and steeples, the famous bridge to go on living in the past, visit Avignon.

3.       Biarritz , sports stay

Ideal to spend a weekend in gild the pill on hot sand before enjoying an exciting nightlife, Biarritz is also to highlight your qualities of brave sportsman. Indeed, between its golf courses, its powerful rugby team, and especially its world famous surf spot Biarritz remains the ideal city to lose the extra pounds accumulated throughout the year and replace them with a protruding muscles the emphasis of the southwest.

4.       Lille , festive stay

Between Flemish baroque influence and heritage, Lille is these cities which are characterized by particularism of their architecture and their dynamism. Student city par excellence, the centre of Lille teeming with bars, nightclubs and other theatres. The opportunity to confront your alcoholism descent oh respectable natives, who remind us on this occasion the immediate vicinity of the flat Belgian country

5.       Nice, sunny living room

With protecting the Alps wind belt from the inside and the Mediterranean warming the territory, Nice and the French Riviera as a whole, has one of the warmest and sunny climates of hexagon. Leaving some time wandering imagination, one can very well imagine, by walking on the Promenade des Anglais with palm trees on a tropical island paradise.

6.       Saint-Malo , marine living

In 2010, a survey ranked the Brittany town in the first position of the favourite destinations of Europeans in France. Fruit of a rich maritime history, it remains an important port (marina, fishing, trade and travellers) and a resort of choice. And with a little luck, you will not have too much wind on the beach. Finally with a lot of luck.

7.       Strasbourg , European living

What most European French city that Strasbourg? One finds, not far from the German border, the headquarters of many European institutions, including the Council of Europe, the European Ombudsman or the EU Parliament. And then you can eat sauerkraut terrace stroking throat storks like any self-respecting Aboriginal. Or not.

8.       Annecy , romantic

Commonly nicknamed "the Rome of the Alps" or "Venice of the Alps", because of the three rivers that run through the city, Annecy is a haven for tandems as a romantic fulfilment. And if you are together for so many years that you will find absolutely nothing to say to you, many events are held each year, including the international festival of animated film. And in addition, you will have plenty to tell your mistress.

9.       Paris , a cultural stay

With over 80 museums and over 200 galleries scattered among the 20 districts that have the capital, the City of Light remains undoubtedly the place where the mind has the best chance to soak up the culture and knowledge of unparalleled wealth. Only downside: it's not a long weekend you will have to go to Paris to perfect hope to know, but the whole of your existence.