12th Jun 2019
Photo of LIFE ON ROAD by shantanu Ghorpade

It's hard to drive on roads now isn't it ?

Because of those truck and bus driver's. Who drive as if it's their own road.

And We all have abused & criticized them atleast once in life haven't we?

But have you ever imagined how hard life is for them

So this began with a chat that me & my friend had . He was telling me about the incident that took place last night. How a trucker dashed into a vehicle from behind. How the vehicle owner & his friends where trashing the trucker. He told me how the idiot car driver suddenly switched lane without indicating.

A sudden thought came into my mind was it really the truckers fault

What is the trucker supposed to do when a truck carrying 18.5 tone of load which is the average load that a truck carries in India & suddenly a car slides into his lane. Accident is sure to happen & all the blame goes to the trucker.

After all this is human tendency crushing the weaker ones.

You may think driving a truck seems easy sounds cool but it isn't. They're in it for lot of hours. They see accidents all the time which disturbs & disappoints them mentally. They come by Saturday night tired & pissed off sleep half of sunday & roll out Monday morning.

you can't get a sense of what truck driving is like just by talking to people about it you have to live it

My experiences & the things that I saw at the winter spiti expedition purely showed me how hard life is for them how much struggle they face.

From driving for more than 18 hours a day staying away from their family for months. Driving on various dangerous trails.

Eating and drinking whatever they get & mostly suffering for most of the sins which they don't even commit & ofcourse hearing daily abuse done by people like us.

The trucking or the transport industry in India is at bad stake as compared to other countries. The rate of truck accident that happen daily is much more than in any other country. In other countries like USA , Germany trucking is considered as a reputed field . Truckers there are paid well enough compared to the Indian truckers

So what if they are truckers without them the whole Industry would face serious crises

They deserve DIGNITY & RESPECT people do not aid them they consider them base-born but we need to change our thinking treat them equally & If you can't understand them please don't abuse them or blame them sometimes it might be your fault learn to accept it

I think they are just like our soldiers just the difference is soldiers protect the nation & truckers provide the nation


Photo of LIFE ON ROAD by shantanu Ghorpade


Photo of LIFE ON ROAD by shantanu Ghorpade


Photo of LIFE ON ROAD by shantanu Ghorpade