Play NZ, Virtual Tours, and Flight Simulator: The Rise of Digital Travelling and Tourism


Tourism is on the rise, and it’s interesting to see that the games that reflect travel are also increasing in popularity. For example, games like Euro Trucker give you the chance to either drive your own truck across Europe, or you can fly from one destination to another in your own plane by playing flight simulator. Why are games like this on the rise? Take a look below to find out.

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A Simulated Experience

The main reason why games like this are growing in popularity is because people are seeking more and more entertainment from their own home. People enjoy the convenience of being able to access what they want anytime, anywhere. Also, what they are able to do from home often eclipses what can be done locally. Games like Euro Trucker or even Flight Simulator give people the chance to conduct full journeys without having to leave the house and this is very immersive to say the least. It’s no wonder that games like this are taking off if you take a look at how the casino industry has evolved. Once upon a time, the only way that you could play blackjack or even poker would be if you visited a casino yourself. Now, on the other hand, you can easily play a wealth of games online without having to leave your home. Online casino games from the likes of Casumo are rising more and more in popularity because they offer a lot of versatility too. In fact, some of them create experiences that are just not available in a real-life casino.

Why are Games like Flight Simulator and Euro Trucker on the Rise?

So now we know why people are seeking entertainment from the comfort of their own home, and we also know why online gaming is so popular. That raises the question, why are games like Flight Simulator and Euro Trucker on the rise in particular? The answer is very simple. People want immersive experiences. They don’t want fantasy games anymore, or games that do not reflect real-life. It would seem that a lot of the allure that comes with gaming, now stems from realism. People want something that captivates them or something that gives them an escape from the real world without taking them too far away. That’s why games such as Euro Trucker and Flight Simulator are growing because they have that real-world connection while still providing a huge range of features for entertainment.

Some people even choose to step things up to that next level when it comes to Flight Simulator or even Euro Trucker, and they build full setups so that they can play the game easier. They buy gear sticks and wheels that connect to their console, or they invest in makeshift cockpits so that they feel as though they are controlling the full plane themselves. This is really interesting to say the least, as it means that the gaming landscape is changing to meet the demands that people have, and this is something that has been in motion for quite some time.