Top 10 Safe Driving Tips

23rd Sep 2019
Photo of Top 10 Safe Driving Tips 1/1 by Kavita Paliwal
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Accidents happen because of the reckless behavior of drivers and sometimes pedestrians too. It is important to know about road safety rules and keep yourself apprised of the new laws so that your chances of being safe on the road are high.

Also, knowing about road safety makes sure that you not only drive carefully to keep yourself safe but also pedestrians and other drivers.

Here are the top 20 road safety rules you must know of:

It is not only the person driving the vehicle gets affected when they meet with an accident. There are other people like passengers, pedestrians, and family of the victim who gets affected. That is why safety is important while driving.

1. Stay alert

It is important to actively pay attention to the road and get a bearing of your surroundings. You need to be on alert for the actions of pedestrians and other drivers so that you don’t meet with an accident.

2. Be prepared

If you want to avoid collision or meeting with an accident, it is better to be prepared, and take preventative actions. Here is how you can prepare yourself:

By sitting straight and not slouching and keeping both hands on the steering wheel.

Stay alert and always focus on the condition of the road and other vehicles.

When you witness a hazard, storm or so on, change your lanes, and slow down.

3. Keep these four rules of intersection in mind

Intersections are the most accident-prone areas, to avoid this, follow these rules:

Don't expect pedestrians and other drivers to obey the rules, you need to do that.

When approaching an intersection, slow down, and cover your brakes.

Make sure you scan all traffic before crossing the intersection.

Give way to other pedestrians and vehicles when you stop or enter the intersection.

4. Don’t get distracted and focus on the road and driving

Make sure you:

Don't use your phone or use any other electronic device while driving

Don't doze off, if you feel sleepy, make sure to pull off for a little while

Don't get distracted by your passenger and what they are doing. Instead, focus on your driving.

Never eat or smoke or drink while driving

5. Don’t expect other drivers to be careful

If you want to reach home safely, you have to concentrate on your driving. Don’t assume or expect other drivers or pedestrian to follow the rules or drive in one lane or drive carefully.

6. Always follow traffic signals

It is imperative that you follow traffic signals. When it says green, you should move and stop when it says red.

7. Keep an eye open for possible hazards and scan ahead

Don’t just look at the vehicle in front of you. Scan a little ahead and see beyond two-three cars so that you know how people are driving. Moreover, you need to be aware of your surroundings so that you can take preventive measures if you see any hazardous situation.

8. Track your speed during turns

You should always drive slow and be alert while taking turns. When you take fast turns, especially at the intersection, the chances of hitting another car or a pedestrian is high. While making turns, slow down your speed so that you have enough time to respond and look around for any vehicle making a wrong turn.

9. Drive according to the weather

If the weather is not perfect like rainy or snowy, you need to drive accordingly. Follow guidelines to ensure no one gets hurt.

10. Be predictable

Don’t make any sudden changes in your lane or stop suddenly without giving some kind of notification to other drivers. If you make sudden changes, you can hit other drivers.

There is a saying in Hindi, ‘Durgatna se der bali’ which means it is better to arrive late than get into an accident. So, drive safely and slowly and follow traffic rules to ensure safety of everyone including you.