Say yes to parasailing when in Goa.. #adventureactivity #parasailing

8th Jun 2018

For those who say its hard to fly without wings must try parasailing once.. It's the perfect adventure sport that is a combination of thrill and fun..

Photo of Baga Beach, Goa by Shivani

The experience of being just above the deep blue sea while parasailing can not be expressed in words but felt.. when in Goa, opt for parasailing with water dip..

Photo of Baga Beach, Goa by Shivani

Among many adventure sports in trend these day, Parasailing has also become famous. There are many destinations including Goa where this sport can be tried. On my two day trip to Goa, I decided to go for the Parasailing. It was really an amazing experience. Basically this activity involves attaching a rope to the speedboat at one end and the other to the parachute. The thrill one feels is inexpressible. So the next time you are in Goa, definately try Parasailing. Banana boat ride is also a great option.