Govardhan Tourism and Travel Guide

Also known as the Giriraj, this is a hill near the town of Vrindavan. This is considered to be a holy hill especially by the Vaishnavites. They say that this is the natural form of Lord Vishnu. GoVardhna literally means 'Go' meaning cow and 'Vardhana' meaning nourishment. It is said that once the people of Vrindavan were busy in the preparation if ouja and sacrifices which were to be made to the God of rain and thunder, Indra. This is when young Krishna inquired about this and started debating. He told all the villagers that they were farmers and cowmen and should only concentrate on heir own occupation rather than performing sacrifices to please natural phenomenon. Lord Indra was angered by this when the vilalgers agreed not to perform the sacrifice and created flood in the town. This is when Krishna just lifted up the Govardhan Parvat to protect his family nd neighbours from the heavy rain and flood. This is whn even Lord Indra accepted defeat.
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