Gudalur Tourism and Travel Guide

Located in the Western Ghats of India, Gudalur is a beautiful town in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Most of this region is covered with lush greenery. Besides having a diverse flora and fauna, Gudalur is also a major producer of numerous crops including paddy, coconut, grapes, groundnut and pulses. Since a major chunk of its inhabitants are involved in farming activities, production is in abundance. Gudalur still takes pride in its age-old customs and traditions. A bullock cart race is still organised every year during the Muthalamman temple festival. Gudalur is home to some ancient temples such as Azhagar Swamy Temple and Mangaladevi Kottam temple. Being more of an aesthetically appealing place, Gudalur does not have many specific places of interest in the town, but its scenic beauty makes it worth a visit. Moreover, Needle Rock Point, Frog Hill Viewpoint, Nelliyalam, Nellakotta and Numbalakottah are extremely picturesque places located just a few kilometres away from Gudalur that need to be visited!
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