An ultimate guide to Barot Valley- Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

15th Feb 2023
Photo of An ultimate guide to Barot Valley- Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh by Tanisha Bhandari

Barot Valley is a small town around 60 km from Mandi and 53 km from Bir in Himachal Pradesh. It's a beautiful town surrounded by Dhauladhar mountains, untouched by the crowds, and peaceful.

How to reach

You can rent a cab or hire a two-wheeler to Barot Valley. Since I was travelling from Bir, I took a scooty on rent for one day, though it does get tiring.

-from Bir

You can get a direct local bus from Bir Chownk to Barot Valley. Remember that the frequency is less and you have to catch the bus early morning around 7 am.

-from Mandi

Take a bus from Mandi going towards Joginder Nagar and get down at Ghatasani. From there, take a running bus to Barot Valley.

Things to do

1. Barot Dam

This dam was built as a part of the Shanan Hydel Project to supply electricity in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. There are 2-3 reservoirs of this dam. Generally, people stop at the first reservoir only, but instead of that, go ahead and explore other reservoirs which are less crowded

2. Hike to nearby villages

Barot is surrounded by several villages. You can explore any of them. I went to Kahog village which was right beside the dam. The trail for this village was surrounded by deodar trees and was so peaceful and calming for a walk. On the way, you'll also get to see the view of the dam as well as Barot. I will definitely recommend this village as it was so beautiful, quiet and tranquil.

3. Trout fishing

Barot is quite famous for trout fish farming. You can try your hands on trout fishing. For this, you have to take permission and a license from the fisheries department. After that, you are good to go.

4. Uhl river

That's the main river flowing in Barot Valley that originates from a lake formed by the Thamsar Glacier in the higher Dhauladhar range. You can chill beside the river and soak your feet in it.

5. Riverside camping

Lastly, you can go riverside camping. It is easy to find any camp as it's a popular choice here. Some camps are Cosy Nest Camps, Wild Highs Resort, and The Heimat Resort.

Where to stay?

In Barot, there are no hostels currently. so you won't get any dorm. Other options to stay include:

-Riverside camps (most popular choice; INR 1500-3000)

-Hotels (starts from INR 1000)

-Homestays (starts from INR 700)

Note- Prices vary according to the season. I stayed during the off-season and got a stay for INR 800.

Best Season to Visit

Summer- If you like pleasant weather, then summer is the ideal time to visit here. But note that because of the same, the place gets very crowded that it even becomes difficult to find a stay.

Monsoon- Avoid this weather as the roads and other hiking routes get very slippery. Also, there are chances of landslides so avoid travelling here in Monsoon.

Winter- This is an offbeat season here as very less people visit here due to the cold weather. If you want to experience a lesser crowded place, then winter is a good season to visit. But it can get very cold here, so pack accordingly.

The ideal number of days

To explore Barot Valley, two days are enough. You can combine this trip with another location like Bir-Billing or Rajgundha Valley.


Barot is an incredible valley in Himachal with breath-taking views. Do not miss it when travelling to Bir or Mandi. Take out a day or two to visit here and enjoy this beautiful place.