Why kasol is famous for ?

26th Feb 2023
Day 1

Why Kasol is famous for?

The village is known for its cannabis plantations and the breathtaking views of the adjacent hills teeming with dense Himalayan vegetation. Visiting Tosh and experiencing the essential culture and lifestyle of Himachal Pradesh is certainly among the most enjoyable Things to do in Kasol.
Manikaran sahib Located hardly 15 minutes from Kasol, Manikaran Gurudwara lies deftly on the banks of the Parvati River. It serves as a major pilgrim centre for Hindus and Sikhs. There are three hot springs where one can take a bath. The water in these springs contains sulphur which is capable of curing diseases.
Parvati River flows through the Parvati Valley in Kasol and is an indispensable part of this town. Though not really a place to visit, the Parvati River is definitely a top attraction in Kasol. Since the flow is too dangerous to allow any adventure activities, you can simply sit on the rocks by the Parvati River and be mesmerised by the rumbling sounds.
From luxurious modern camps to affordable ones, Kasol offers you a wide range of camping options. What makes it even more special is the Parvati River flowing across the village. Other fun activities like bonfire, fishing, trekking and mountaineering are also organised. You can also trek and camp in Kheerganga.

Photo of Why kasol is famous for ? by Abhishek saini
Photo of Why kasol is famous for ? by Abhishek saini