Mesmerizing Kheerganga


Journey begins from Jaipur in evening. Reached Aut past Mandi at around 2 AM next day and took motel on a cheaper rate for having a nap. After getting up, started the journey to manikaran for taking bath in hot sulphur water oozing out of the mountains. No doubt the water had mystic powers. The tiresome was vanished up in few minutes. Had Langar in the Gurudwara and headed to Kasol.

We Sat besides Parvati river for few hours calmly appreciating the beauty of nature. How surreal this nature is: always giving regardless of the cruel humanity returning with devil deeds like pollution. After having a huge philosophical introspection, we decided to roam around in Kasol. Finally in the evening we headed for CHHALAL, a village near Kasol where our stay was arranged through AirB&B. Chhalal is a small village known for the night parties of Kasol. It has more hotels and stay arrangements than Kasol. This is a must thing in Kasol for everyone. FREE SPIRIT (Our hotel) was the one for us and we enjoyed it. It was on the last side of the village and indeed a good place to stay on.

Next early morning we started for the trek. Trek starts from Gushaini, a village near TOSH. A massive Dam is under construction at Pulga, near Gushaini. The trek starts at the dam only. The total distance to reach Kheerganga is around 12 km. The trek was uphill for most of the journey and there is no limit for the stamina one needs to cover it.

En route one finds numerous sites to have an eye on. Beauty of the nature is evident here. Rudra Nag was the place where the water falls in the shape of Snake (NAAG). The roaring sound of the water makes you feel numb. Such was the awe of the nature.

Reaching Kheerganga was an accomplishment in itself. There is a pond in which the hot water keep pouring out of the mountains. It was mystic. Taking bath in the mystic sulphur water swooshed off the tiredness of the trekking and we started enjoying the height of the mountain. Mythology says that Parvati (wife of Lord Shiva) made Kheer (an Indian delicacy) out of this water for his son Kartikeya when he broke off his meditation after several hundred years.

There are lots of temporary setup shacks/tents available in Kheerganga for accomodation. Tents and shacks are provided in economy rates and meal should be considered for filling up the stomach only. No high expectations Please….

Night was too chilling and the temperature dropped down at around 1. At night the sky is too clean and you can gaze the sparkling stars. Even lot of constellation can be found with the shooting stars.

Returning journey was not that tiresome due to maximum patch of downhill treading. It took even less than half of the time of climbing.

Finally we reached Manikaran and took hot water bath and stay relaxed at a motel near Mandi.

Photo of Mesmerizing Kheerganga 1/6 by Aman
Early morning Trek begin
Photo of Mesmerizing Kheerganga 2/6 by Aman
Photo of Mesmerizing Kheerganga 3/6 by Aman
The place where we stayed @ Chalal
Photo of Mesmerizing Kheerganga 4/6 by Aman
Apple Orchard enroute Chalal
Photo of Mesmerizing Kheerganga 5/6 by Aman
Photo of Mesmerizing Kheerganga 6/6 by Aman
Pulga Dam