Parvati Valley

7th Jul 2017
Photo of Parvati Valley 1/5 by akashtheillusionist

1) Kasol , Himachal Pradesh (Day-1)

There I was, surrendered amidst the mountains as I woke up in the Bus, in Kasol. Someone already had ordered a tea for me. It wasn't exactly a village. There are no localities, societies or development. It's a place with a bus stand in the middle surrounded by markets, cafes, taxi booking agencies and a little more on the back side of the market.


This place attracts tourist all over the world, to Malana, as reputed the cultivation of World's best Charas (Hasheesh).

This place is the rave capital of India and also known as the Mini Israel of Himachal.

Things you can do:

You can hike to the Malana Village.

You can have small picnics or beer-in-the-wood bonfire parties.

You can sit on the bank of Parvati River and observe the touch of mountains, tall trees and the loud music of the water.

Shopping: Kasol has a good market place where you can buy hand-made stuffs like woolen clothes, fancy bags and accessories, posters: mostly depicting Lord Shiva, Bongs, decorative chillums and smoke pipes.

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After Kasol:

At night, we headed by-foot towards Manikaran Gurudwara which was 4-5 kms from Kasol and I bet you need a torch to cover the main road.


Manikaran Gurudwara is situated around a Hot-Water Spring which flows through the gurudwara. Inside this gurudwara there is a holy place in which you can take bath in hot water and freshen up. The Gurudwara provides Langar (Food- Dal, chawal, roti, sabzi) in the name of God and don't ask for money in return. You can stay at the gurudwara at night and they provide the mattress and blankets to you. They provide food and sleeping facilities for around 500 visitors.

This place is really peaceful to stay the night at.

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We took a local bus from Manikaran to Barshaini. Barshaini is the last bus stop on this way. You can also take a cab for just rupees 500.

To reach tosh from Barshaini, we took the local way which is full of beautiful flowers, local houses and scenery. You can see ice-capped mountains at a distance which is peaceful and full of life.

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The actual travel fantasy is fulfilled on this quiet track which we covered in an hour. We had a small picnic and ate what we brought along the way and freshened up.

Photo of Parvati Valley 5/5 by akashtheillusionist

Tosh :

Tosh is a small village which has Hotels to stay at and cafes where you can have your beer, hukka or a hash-joint.

Tosh has a riverside where I sat early in the morning to listen to the music of water and my mind was influenced and motivated by it.

Its a low-budget place and you don't have to care much about your pockets when you eat or have anything you want.

After Tosh, We visited the holy place of Shiva, named as Kheerganga. You can read about it in my next blog.