Prelude to a Solo sojourn @ Himachal

1st Jan 2015
Photo of Prelude to a Solo sojourn @ Himachal 1/1 by Rhucha Kulkarni

To go or not to go – this was the question haunting me for about a fortnight as I had booked my tickets for a solo backpacking across Dev Bhoomi - Himachal…Reading and re-reading blogs on “Solo female travel” , mulling over the possibilities of what could go wrong and what would go well, my mind did a topsy-turvy every second day. All of this while my heart kept whispering in its subdued voice – give it a try, it won’t be that bad afterall! . So after days of standing on the ridge in terms of a decision, one fine day I just decided to put a full-stop to the vicious “thinking loop” and take the plunge. And up-to the date of travel consciously shut off all nagging thoughts at the back of my mind. So I found myself on a train bound for Pathankot in Nov 2014!