Being lone and lost in Nainital – Lake city

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Travelling alone was always one of my bucket list item. I have been reading a lot about solo travelling and I was extremely curious to experience the bliss of it. For some people it's impossible, for some it's complete stupidness but there is an odd crowd who are addicted to this and I was eager to understand what drives them to this addiction. Long weekend was up and all my friends where busy dealing with there busy schedule. I believed this was the best time to pull this thing from my bucket list. I started googling to find a good place to start with. And Nainital was popping up all the time.

I have traveled alone before, but that was official. Pre booked luxury hotels, full fledged back up and support makes that very easy to handle. But this type of a solo travel was for the first time. You are the travel guide, your are the doctor, you are the rider everything depends on you and every thing will be according to your plan. Starting from my home was the most difficult part of this whole journey. I was too scared when I started, but when I geared up and hit the roads I started enjoying every piece of it and I realised that initial fears were too unnecessary.

It took around 7 hours to ride along the whole route from Noida till Bhimtal via Moradabad-Rampur-Rudrapur. I reached Bhimtal around 6 pm. On the way I stopped to click some pics of splendid landscapes. Nainital is an amazing place with sublime natural beauty. Being a mallu I always get carried away by lush green leaves and Nainital is a place where I found the same green after moving to north India. The cottage I was staying was on the hill sides of Bhimtal which is around 20km away from Nainital. It was a complete peaceful place and the silence around that lake and hills were literally scaring me. The room was very small accompanied with a bed and a table nothing more or less.No wifi, No TV, No laptops. So my only good friend was my shadow and a mouse who was roaming over the wall all night. I spared my free time with my book and the beautiful greeny hills around my cottage. The view from my window was changing every hour giving me surprising views. I got only one day in Nainital since the 3rd day was planned for the return ride.

  • A coffee at Nainital
  • Horse ride to China peak
  • Waterfalls at Sadiatal
  • Roam around mall road
  • Ride around and see all the lakes
  • Visit to candle shops

This was my list of things-to-do in Nainital. Actually Nainital is not that commercialised, so the beauty of place is not been disturbed much by any one. The time I went there was not a perfect time to visit as the rainy season was up. In between the conversation with one of the locals out there, he told me May and June are mostly rushy and if you want to enjoy snow covered Nainital, the best time would be around December or January. The entry to the top of china peak is been banned as of now, but it is possible to trek till the second layer of the peak and only the horses can get you there. If you are going as a family, its better to stay in forest near Mallital which will be a unmatched natural experience. Since my list was so precise I was able cover all the things in the list. When ever I travel to new places I always try to keep my list of “things-to-do" very small to keep my travel leisurely. On the third day I checked out at morning 10 o clock. On the way back my back Tyre got burst out and I had to waste a little time over it. I reached home around 4 pm.

Apart from my list there are many other things you can give it a try.

  • Ropeway over the beautiful Nainital
  • Paragliding by sky adventures (If climate is fine)
  • Visit to Sadiatal
  • Eco cave gardens
  • High altitude Zoo
  • Trek at Kumaon hills
  • Boating in Nainital

I am a beginner in solo travelling, but I did pretty well. Solo travelling is more likely an adventures act. Managing everything on your own and doing things out of your limits. If any problems comes up, you won’t be having any option rather than showing up and solving it. According to me solo travelling needs guts, peace of mind, passion and strong intend to explore the best out of the place you go. Travelling alone help to realise what you are and what you want. It helps you to distinguish between what you love and what you don’t. Everybody should try solo travelling at least once,for even if you don’t end up loving it it will undoubtedly make you a wiser, more confident and stronger person. It may sound daunting, Once you’re doing it you’ll realize you’re capable of much more than you thought. You will reach an unseen point of freedom and happiness.

This travelogue was first published by Life Improvised.

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