Rohtang La - Ground of Corpses

19th Sep 2016

Trivia: Do you know why it is called Ground of Corpses?Here is the answer.

Earlier many people had lost their lives while crossing the pass that lies on the watershed of Chenab ,Beas Basin.

Himachal is well known for its dangerous roads and extreme weather conditions: the climate is conducive for Cannabis (marijuana).

It is a place to refresh your soul and body. So welcome to the Land of Snow, in the lap of Himalayas,one of the the most beautiful places of India.

At an elevation of 13058ft, Rohtang La is one of the places where Blue sky touches the mountains. With beautiful scenic sights of glaciers, rivers and peaks. The best time to visit the pass is between May/June and October/November. "

I had the urge to visit this place for quite some time.

The Mountains are calling and I must go" this quote was running in my mind before I made the plan to visit Rohtang La.

I was travelling to Delhi,and Rohtang La was in the priority list . I had my travel buddies with me who were ready to join me. All were excited about the idea of seeing snow caps and experience shivering cold weather of Rohtang la.

We started late night around 23:00 from Delhi by car and we made a plan to reach Manali next day by 12 noon. But the crisscross roads and Heavy loaded Trucks on our route made us late by 3 hours. We got a decent stay near Manali Bus Depot . The weather was disappointing with maximum of 4°C in Manali, but , we still had some hope. Rohtang was 53km away.

Evening we started exploring the most renowned place "The Manali Mall Road" with so many street food stalls. We roamed around Manali till 11:00 and cold was playing its part and all were waiting for next day morning to see the wonderful picturesque place.

Journey to Rohtang started at 06:30 in the morning by visiting the Famous Hidimbi Devi Temple, which is dedicated to wife of Bhīma. The first sight awed me because it is surrounded by Cedar forest at the foot of Himalayas and it gave me an immense inner peace. It is a perfect environment to worship the deity. After getting the blessings of Devi we started to Rohtang which was 50km away.

The journey from Manali to Rohtang La was such a lifetime experience which made me think how lucky I am to get this chance Special thanks to my travel buddies who made it all the more reason to enjoy it.

Finally we reached our destination. after all the tiring journey Rohtang La didn’t disappoint us. The spectacular view of ice caps and hills, cascades of water from the heights and small sheeps walking over those mountains made us wonder at the amazing work of nature.

The Scenic view of this breathtaking venue was spectacular , the fresh air and the slight cold with Sun over our heads all gave me an opportunity to soul searching. how my hectic city life changed to stress free world. I wanted to freeze those long and out of the world experience through my camera. So I started photo shoot near the Rohtang La Top.

We started to trek around one of the mountains where heavy breeze passed through us, at one point of time we were at edge of the Cliff and we could see the gateway to Chandra Taal Lake and route to Spiti part of the Lahaul from that point. At last, we got back to our car,i took one last picture with Rohtang Pass Board. With all those memories captured and stored in our minds we headed back to Manali.

Overall Rohtang La is a lifetime experience, and everyone should go there and explore that beauty as it satisfies our aesthetic, intellectual and spiritual thirst.

Photo of Rohtang La - Ground of Corpses 1/14 by Sri Ram S
"As Moon is going to sleep down the hills."
Photo of Rohtang La - Ground of Corpses 2/14 by Sri Ram S
First Sun Rays on The Mountains
Photo of Rohtang La - Ground of Corpses 3/14 by Sri Ram S
Scenic sight of river, peaks, glaciers..!!
Photo of Rohtang La - Ground of Corpses 4/14 by Sri Ram S
"Blue sky touching the hills"
Photo of Rohtang La - Ground of Corpses 5/14 by Sri Ram S
Beauty of nature at it's best
Photo of Rohtang La - Ground of Corpses 6/14 by Sri Ram S
"Wish I could owe a house on the foot of Himalayas"
Photo of Rohtang La - Ground of Corpses 7/14 by Sri Ram S
Rohtang Pass "Top" from Bottom
Photo of Rohtang La - Ground of Corpses 8/14 by Sri Ram S
"Messed up into the mountains"
Photo of Rohtang La - Ground of Corpses 9/14 by Sri Ram S
"Myself getting blesses from the old Lady"
Photo of Rohtang La - Ground of Corpses 10/14 by Sri Ram S
"Typical Homes under the foothills of the mountains"
Photo of Rohtang La - Ground of Corpses 11/14 by Sri Ram S
Edge of Rohtang La
Photo of Rohtang La - Ground of Corpses 12/14 by Sri Ram S
Wonderful Picturesque Place.
Photo of Rohtang La - Ground of Corpses 13/14 by Sri Ram S
"Royal Enfield - Made like a Gun"
Photo of Rohtang La - Ground of Corpses 14/14 by Sri Ram S
A Picture at  13054 Feet above sea level