Shimla British Resort Review

18th Oct 2017

Shimla British Resort. Heritage Property built in 1893.

Photo of Shimla British Resort Review by Namrata Nautiyal
Photo of Shimla British Resort Review 1/5 by Namrata Nautiyal

The beautiful hills of Shimla are scenic on its own, but what adds to its charm is getting an opportunity to live in a budget friendly heritage property.

I read about Shimla British Resort before making bookings, and honestly the place exceeded all my expectations. Situated in between the dense forest hills of Shimla, this old resort is walking distance from Mall Road and has a Scottish vibe running throughout the property.

Photo of Shimla British Resort Review 2/5 by Namrata Nautiyal

If you are someone who loves nature, and likes dwelling in a bit of history, choose this resort for your next stay in Shimla.

Apparently, back in the day, Ruskin Bond wrote a couple of tales based on this house.

Photo of Shimla British Resort Review 3/5 by Namrata Nautiyal

We spent 5 nights in this resort, and the stay was absolutely sensational. Whether you are looking for a quiet staycation, or an adventurous outing, this place has it all. The Annandale walk right behind the resort is the most scenic forest walk ever. With tall deodar trees surrounding all around, and the sight is breathtaking.

Photo of Shimla British Resort Review 4/5 by Namrata Nautiyal
My early morning ritual of soaking in the Shimla sun.

If you are travelling in a big group, I highly recommend booking the big Scottish Villa for your stay. It has 6+4 rooms, a hidden attic, a romeo-juliet style balcony, and the most serene views of the hills.

Photo of Shimla British Resort Review 5/5 by Namrata Nautiyal
This Scottish Villa was built in 1898 and most of the architecture is intact and restored from that time.