Live in a doorway to the forest on your dream Bali trip

Photo of Live in a doorway to the forest on your dream Bali trip by Vidhi Bubna

Nestled in the rainforest of Payangan, Nandini Jungle Resort and Spa in Ubud was a dream abode in the forest. It was like a dream haven for the nature lover in me. In the setting of the forest where luxurious villas were sprawled amidst the woods, I experienced the raw beauty of Bali in the most unique way. Here are 8 reasons why Nandini Jungle Resort should be on your bucket list while in Bali

1. Get your time away from the city in the midst of nature

Photo of Nandini Jungle Resort and Spa Bali, Jalan Susut, Buahan, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia by Vidhi Bubna

The lush green tree cover of the Payangan forest and the free flowing but mystical river Ayung put Nandini Resort right in between nature’s most beautiful creations. It is designed like a traditional Balinese village and quickly invokes a very warm feeling.

Away from the chaos of the city and the hubbub of people, my villa was immersed in the quiet of the forest. The hills around the property and the clear blue skies that I saw through my balcony were something I can never forget. Soon after I set foot in the premises of the resort, I was mesmerized by how easily it combined luxury with nature.

2. The property is so huge that there’s a gondola in it

Photo of Live in a doorway to the forest on your dream Bali trip by Vidhi Bubna

Sprawling over acres and acres of green land, Nandini Jungle Resort has a gondola on site so that guests can move around freely and in an exciting manner. Travelling by the gondola in the resort, breathing in the fresh mountain air and surrounded by nature from all sides, is an incredible experience. Surely unimaginable to sit in a Swiss style Gondola in your very hotel.

3. Heal with a spa on the river, this is the closest you can get to the river

The Sungai Spa at the resort sits right above River Ayung. The luxury treatments and amenities offered in the spa have a more soothing effect as you listen to the sound of flowing water as expert hands work on you. It is truly a unique experience which took my mood to the next level. Their wooden massage pavilions across the property gave a pure Balinese vibe.

4. Tone your mind down with yoga healing

Photo of Live in a doorway to the forest on your dream Bali trip by Vidhi Bubna

There was a yoga expert who conducted yoga session every mornings. Practicing yoga in a pristine environment hit me differently. I was energetic and happy throughout my stay there. I was amazed seeing how a high number of people participated in these sessions. And why wouldn’t they? All of us left not only feeling refreshed but also with the knowledge that would stay with us forever.

5. Explore a room with a balcony that opens into the forest

Photo of Live in a doorway to the forest on your dream Bali trip by Vidhi Bubna

I was so lucky to get a new room which the resort had developed. Spacious and filled with natural light, this room was like a doorway to the forest. When I looked down the balcony, I was greeted with greenery and crisp sunlight. My bathtub was in a space without a roof so the light and fresh air filtered in. The resort really didn’t compromise on the view or the comfort while still maintaining its own theme. Standing in this balcony was also a delight for the bird lover in me as I got to watch Kingfishers of different kind and several birds that I hadn’t seen before.

6. The swimming pool and Jacuzzi are perfect bathing places which overlook the forest

Photo of Live in a doorway to the forest on your dream Bali trip by Vidhi Bubna

The resort has a fantastic hillside swimming pool and outdoor Jacuzzi which I was totally impressed with. The staff also told me that I could cycle around the property or trek the concealed paths towards the jungle river. No matter where I was in the resort, whether I was taking a dip in the pool or soaking in a posh Jacuzzi, the proximity of the forest made me feel like I was in a different world altogether, a fantastic contrast.

7. Eat by rice terraces

The Balinese village style structure of the resort got even more defined when I dined by rice terraces. Rice terraces are a part of the Bali identity and they made for exciting pictures. The greenery around me was almost blinding as I ate delicious food and snapped some more pictures for good measure.

8. Kill all your stress

The whole point of choosing this resort was to completely isolate myself from the world and spend some time in the lap of nature. I was tremendously motivated by how my villa had natural wooden finishing, the exceptionally good spa treatments and by the scenic beauty of this resort. The entire time I spent here helped me ease myself into the atmosphere and completely let go of any stress that I might have had. I enjoyed small outings over which I engaged in things such as talking to a local about canang offerings made to Hindu gods or looking at the Ayung River gorge from my balcony.

This hotel is surely a must visit on your next visit to Bali.

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