The land of God - goddess, there culture, there rituals


A cultural event called jach (mela) of beautiful Valley of solang surrounded by beautiful mountains. This is called sarani jach. In this jach the sign of God (palki) and goddess Mata sharvari, devta than, devta kanchan nag, devta shank Narayan, prashar rishi, devta fn nag, devta takshak nag visited the place sarani ground. The kanchan nag the host of sarani jach welcomed the God and goddess. The people of the place sarani(palchan) and it's nearby village gave warm welcome to the every guest. Special attraction of the place was meeting of God and goddess and kulluvi nati. I must say who so ever is reading this article must see these kind of jach held in every Village in different - different times. The amazing thing about these Rath of God and goddess are they move it's self. For these Rath two persons, one in the front other in the back have to pick those Rath on their shoulders. Really amazing....


Today shahi snan is performed by devta than and mata sharvari at vashisht hot spring water. Palki of both God and goddess made a holy dip at vashisht tirath. Rember vashisht is the place where rishi vashisht worshiped for long time. That is why there is temple of vashisht rishi and a hot spring water which is belived that rishi vashisht brought from manikaran.kind of holy dip is performed time to time. People of kullu valley believe that this kind of holy dip give new energies to God and goddess,people as well. All the rituals performed during this shahi snan such as snan,puja with havan and dev khel (a kind of dance with all traditional things by gur (devta Ka chela)is performed. At night shant (kind of shanti path and havan) is performed to give power to new energies that they got.

Photo of The land of God - goddess, there culture, there rituals by Hira Lal