24 hours in Hong Kong

25th Dec 2017

Central , Hong Kong

Photo of 24 hours in Hong Kong by Tushita

Apart from being a major trade hub, Hong Kong also has a rich history. From being a British colony to one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, Hong Kong has always surprised me with its unique culture and way of life.

I have had many layovers and stops in Hong Kong while visiting China and every time I make sure I discover a new piece of this phenomenal island.

Thus, I present you my favorite or rather, places which I feel are a must visit in Hong Kong:

1.Cruise at the Victoria Harbor

You can board an authentic Chinese junk and enjoy a scenic view around the harbor. Victoria Harbor definitely offers the most breathtaking view of the Hong Kong skyline which is even more impressive at night.

Panoramic view of The Victoria Harbour

Photo of Victoria Harbour, 香港 by Tushita

2.Take a walk around the Hollywood Road

The Hollywood road has many secret streets and some of the coolest bars and restaurants. You will also get a glimpse of street art masterpieces along with some old colonial buildings.

A weekend afternoon at The Hollywood Road

Photo of Hollywood Road, 太平山香港 by Tushita

3.Visit the highest point of Hong Kong, The Peak

This point offers a spectacular view of the Hong Kong sky scrappers but that’s not the only reason why it’s a must visit for tourists, it’s also The Peak Tram!

You can descend the hill by riding the oldest Tram in Hong Kong, which started in 1888. You are surely in for an exceptional visual experience during the ride, make sure to sit by the window!

Stunning view from The Peak

Photo of The Peak, 香港 by Tushita

4.Must have it? You’ve got it!

Believe it or not, Hong Kong is known as a bargainer’s paradise. You can shop for clothing, jewelry, leather goods, Chinese antiques and electronic goods at a pretty reasonable price. Apart from shopping malls, there are a few shopping streets like:

Temple Street Night Market, Kowloon

Jade Market, Kowloon

Stanley Market, Hong Kong Island

Ladies Market, Kowloon

Harbor City, Kowloon

What are you waiting for??

Chinese stones and gems at Temple Night Market

Photo of Temple Street Night Market, 庙街佐敦香港 by Tushita

5.“When in Hong Kong, eat like the Hong Kongers do”

From egg tarts to stinky tofu, there is a vast variety of street food in Hong Kong. I love the street food here and my personal favorites include: Egg waffles, grilled squid tentacles and curry fish balls. There are a number of food streets in Mong Kok, Kowloon and Sham Shui Po, Kowloon.

Egg waffle with Ice cream

Photo of Kowloon, 香港 by Tushita

6.End your day with a drink at Lan Kwai Fong

LKF is a small square of streets in Central with series of bars/restaurants and is st it’s best in the evening. Spend your evening drinking cocktails, meeting new people and of course, dancing!

Evening scene at LKF

Photo of Lan Kwai Fong, 中环香港 by Tushita

The next two places I’m going to recommend are a bit unconventional and not very convenient to reach as well. I still feel these are a must visit, however, you might not be able to visit both of them in one day.

Watch sunset at Sai Wan swimming shed

This spot was not famous until a few years ago and used to be very less crowded but recently, there is queue to get a picture clicked at the deck and there are many professional photographers trying to get the perfect shot during sunset. The view from this deck during sunset is magnificent. I think you should visit this place before it becomes a common attraction among visitors.

Sai Wan Swimming shed

Photo of Sai Wan, 香港 by Tushita

Visit the most Instagramed spot of Hong Kong, The Montane Mansion

Those who are into photography or those who are curious about Old Hong Kong architecture should definitely visit this residential block in Quarry Bay. The uniquely colored exterior of this building is what brings curious visitors here.

Fun Fact: Transformers 4 was filmed here!

The Montane Mansion

Photo of Quarry Bay, 香港 by Tushita

"The drama, the charm and the beauty of Hong Kong is all here - just as it's breathless energy."

Me at the Sai Wan swimming shed

Photo of 24 hours in Hong Kong by Tushita