5 Things not to Forget Before a Trip to Hong Kong

3rd Dec 2017


Photo of 5 Things not to Forget Before a Trip to Hong Kong by Sushantika

Here are a few things that will help make your trip to Hong Kong seamless & fun.

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Your Visa form

Hong Kong has the facility of a visa on arrival. If you have an Indian passport like I do, it's absolutely important that you apply for the visa form at this link.

Try to apply for it about one month prior to your trip. Make sure you keep a printout of this with you at all times.

Whether you're visiting neighbouring islands of Hong Kong or exploring the city, this form is vital.

Your appetite for meat

I used to be vegetarian. When you're visiting Hong Kong there are multiple things you have to try. This usually involves a lot of meat! Pork is a staple, so be open to trying new dishes that involve a lot of meat. It'll be worth it!

Your ability to use chopsticks

If you're a foodie and you want the authentic experience, you better practice eating with chopsticks. I was fortunate enough to have learnt as a child and this skill helped me a lot during my stay in Hong Kong.

Most restaurants serve food with chopsticks so it's a good idea to learn. Alternatively, you could carry a spoon & fork if your ability to eat with chopsticks requires too much effort.

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A sense of mindfulness for others

One thing that really stood out about the culture in Hong Kong is how much everybody thinks about the others around them.

Trains and transport always have a special seating for those in need and locals will not think twice about giving up their seat for someone in need.

Escalators require that you stand to the right and let those in a hurry pass you by from the left.

The people in Hong Kong are some of the kindest I've met. If you're a little lost wondering which direction to head in, you're most certainly going to bump into a warm stranger who will happily guide you to your destination. Sometimes they even join you to a wonderful restaurant that comes highly recommended.

Offline maps of Hong Kong

If you're not from Hong Kong you will find that there is limited access to WiFi. Apart from the airport, metro station and a few other public places, we didn't have access to WiFi. If you're like me and you enjoy treading through the roads, offline maps is a big boon! It helps you meander your way to the next quirky gem or Michelin approved street food stall.

If you're visiting neighbouring islands, don't forget to save the offline version of those locations as well.

Happy traveling! :)