100 km bike trip Gurgaon-Delhi


Since I am new to Delhi-Gurgaon and love exploring new places, I got an opportunity to travel and see the shopping hubs of Delhi when I realised I have to buy a bed as "winter is coming" and sleeping on the marble floor will a tough task.

Kirti Nagar is the hub of furniture shopping. It is said as the Asia's biggest furniture market. But I just didn't want to spoil mu Sunday looking for a bad. Hence, I planned out places where I should go.

Being a devout Jain guy, I decided to visit Ahinsa Sthal, a beautiful Jain temple opposite Qutub Minar. Lord Mahavir's open air idol is located there. The view of Qutub Minar and Azim Khan's tomb is magnificent from there.

Post that, I went to Vasant Kunj Jain temple. Not just that it was on the way to Kirti Nagar, but when will I get the chance to visit Jain temple in the colonies where I don't have any other reason to go to. Its a temple dedicated to Lord Adinath. This is also a very beautiful temple. After having darshan, I had some small breakfast.

Then hit the road to reach Kirti Nagar. Just when i entered the Kirti nagar street, I found the directions for Kirti Nagar Marble Market and Kirti Nagar Timber Market. Seems like that place is hub for big shopping. I went to the very first shop, purchased a bad in 10 minutes and was on the way to Rajauri Garden. I have had heard that its a nice place to eat out, but couldn't find anything interesting. Had Paani Puri there and left for Connaught Place.

As I entered towards CP, I noticed Indian Coffee House. Being to the ICH of Shimla, I thought I will revive my memories but this ICH was disappointing. Cold food and unhygienic ambience.

Went to Palika Bazar for some shopping. OMG! what a market that it is. So big, so many . shops, so many people. Mostly clothes and footwear. That's huge. I was just walking and didn't have any clue that in which direction i was going. There were 50 people in a shop. Such a crowd.

Leaving that, i bought some posters from the street on CP and left for Leisure Valley in Gurgaon so that I can have some food before sunset.

Bikanerwala never disappoints. Had food, paan and came back home.

This energised me for one week and now i start planning for another road trip. This time somewhere out of city limits.

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